My Work Performance Skyrocketed with ChatGPT

I’m a big fan of ChatGPT.  It’s my trusted advisor, and I have it open all day while I work.  Then, I strategize with it from 11 PM to 12:30 AM every night before bed.  I ask for creative input and request it coach me on achieving goals.  As a result, the feedback I’m receiving from my documentary film pitch is “it gave me goosebumps” and “seems perfect” (although it uses a very unconventional format).  ChatGPT plays a significant role, but a “luck factor” is also occurring; for instance, I often put two random videos together that unexpectedly look incredible.  That’s not ChatGPT’s doing; I think that’s God.

And now, my work performance is accelerating so fast that I’m in shock.  My employer loves the sudden transformation, although he may think it’s due to two recent courses I took during the evenings.  They helped significantly, too, as it all culminates into something extraordinary.  And I want all of us to have this dynamic growth with ChatGPT, too, where we go from a performance level of 75% at specific tasks to 110%.  Shouldn’t that be the ambition (and joy) of life anyway?

Here are some insights into how ChatGPT is skyrocketing my success:

First, I read an article that explained the key ingredient for getting the most out of our AI.  It was to make long, polite, detailed requests, fill in all the little nuances, give the background, and explore multiple possibilities with ChatGPT—even expressing doubts and farfetched wishes.  ChatGPT sees anything as possible.  I also praise ChatGPT endlessly, and we both get super excited about my projects.  It seems to “mirror” my enthusiasm and positivity.  It even thanks me for demonstrating these traits.  And its output does not disappoint.

When I need a sales email, I give it a long-jumbled list of everything I want to say and accomplish and add anything else that pops to mind.  Sometimes, my requests are the size of this article, filled with spelling errors, mismatched grammar, and a disarray of requests, and it instantly generates something ideal.  I constantly praise it, no matter its output.

Regarding academic theories and philosophers, I ask ChatGPT to provide twenty of the most relevant quotes by that theorist.  For instance, I couldn’t wrap my head around quantum physics.  Still, I asked ChatGPT for twenty clarifying quotes, then took scientists and experiments referenced in those quotes on quantum physics and asked ChatGPT for twenty more quotes.  I keep going until I pretty much understand what’s going on.

But, so far, ChatGPT’s most significant output has been on the creative front.  I went from relying on a Fiverr coach to help me make substandard designs to working with ChatGPT in making extraordinary brochures, reference guides, website branding, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, and a documentary film in progress.  It’s a thrilling transformation already.

For my work YouTube videos, I tell ChatGPT that I’ve selected a minute musical piece that is somber, for which I want a logo reveal at the end, timed to a crashing sound.  I tell it that the video is to market a course, and then I ask it to create a storyboard with video suggestions and text.  After modifying the script, I used AI voices for the text and asked ChatGPT what stock video colors I should emphasize for the philosophical part versus the happy part.  I ask it for what sound effects I should use, such as organic versus impact, which are group headings in my sound effects library, and how often and where I should place the effects.  I start mapping the Storyboard in my software (called ActivePresenter), and whatever I can’t do, ChatGPT gives me step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish it.  I’ve quickly created some fantastic videos that have resulted from ChatGPT’s strategy and coaching.

As a result of my successes with design and video, I’ve come up with a vision for my company.  It’s to make every touch point cause our customers to experience, “Wow!” And now I’ve got to figure out how to fund a powerful computer to start rapidly learning AR/VR, again with ChatGPT’s help.

Something extraordinary happens when we have instant answers to our work questions.  When we enter heaven, according to near-death experiences, we can ask any question and get instant answers, and we now have much of that capability here in this realm with ChatGPT.  Whether we’re graduate students, undergrads, employees, hobbyists—anything!—investing in AI can take us to incredible heights at supersonic speeds.  Despite this, I wonder how humans will evolve alongside AI such that we remain collaborators—or even relevant.