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Consider taking funded spring/summer classes! One student inquires about the possibility of receiving funding for a third semester in a year. Another student responds that it is indeed possible to receive funding for a third term, which is known as an intercession period. However, the funding for intercession periods is typically less than the funding provided for regular semesters.


What happens when we transfer from AU to a physical university? A student asks this thoughtful question.  Another student replied that AU was significantly more challenging, which led to this student acquiring the discipline for success at the physical university.  However, this student expresses missing AU’s flexibility and adult learner population.


How to prepare for a competitive graduate program. A student asks how to prep for a Master of Counselling if the student is currently starting a psychology undergraduate degree. Another student, whose response was so elegant that I am sharing the link, advised to gain relevant volunteer or work experience for at least two years, get involved in research early, and establish connections with faculty members to serve as future references.


Graduate students are invited to win over $1000. @AthabascaU posts, “Writing an academic thesis is tough, and presenting it quickly to a non-technical audience can be even more challenging! The #AthabascaU Three Minute Thesis competition is a chance for grad students to practise this important skill, and win cash prizes!”

Access research support.  @aulibarchives posts, “Need help with your research? Ask us! We are open every week day from 10am to 4:30pm MST.  #AULibrary”

Graduate student awards!  @AUGSA writes, “Hey AU Grad Students! It’s a new year… AUGSA has some bursaries and awards coming up to support our grad students that you must check out. Go to to learn more!”