Age Can’t Stop Us from Becoming an Olympian or a Fish

Age Can’t Stop Us from Becoming an Olympian or a Fish

I went swimming this week and saw this swimmer in pink who swam better than any dolphin ever could.  She effortlessly and calmly swam across the pool, gracefully, at a speed I’d never seen before.  I tried copying her arms, and a loved one said my swimming instantly improved by 150%, and I looked like Michael Phelps.  Another lifeguard told me to do double breaths instead of single breaths, and for the first time, I believed I could swim a lane, do a flip turn, and swim back without stopping.  The swimmer in pink is a Varsity swim athlete with the potential for an Olympics.  My loved one and I made such friends with her today that in the change room, she approached me with a huge smile and offered swimming tips.  We laughed and had a wonderful conversation.

Tonight, I thought about that magnificent Varsity swimmer and how I’d love to be personally coached by her, and I received approval from my loved one.  So now I’m praying I’ll see the pink swimsuit to recognize her and approach her.  What in life could be more exciting than being coached by a potential Olympian?

Seventeen years ago, I was coached by an Olympian wrestler, and it was the time of my life.  This Olympian had a beautiful attitude and often called out to me, “Go Tiger!” I loved this woman and miss her greatly.  She’s still coaching, and I may one day run into her again.

And now, to my great joy, if I see this varsity swimmer again, I will start swim lessons with her.

This is newsworthy because I needed water wings eight months ago when swimming.  I did such a horrible dog paddle that I barely moved and fearfully clung to a flotation device.  I was at high risk of drowning in any depth of water above my shoulders, and I looked like a fool as an adult woman in water wings in a deep pool, which caused embarrassment for my friend.

I’ll pray every night and throughout the day that my pink swimsuit varsity friend returns and a new journey of athleticism begins.  There is a high probability we will see her again.

Recently, I saw three YouTube near-death experiences, all in a matter of days, where the temporarily deceased people were examining water creatures in the afterlife, which caused me to worry that God was going to reincarnate me as a fish, assuming reincarnation exists.  Hopefully His goal is to reincarnate me as an Olympian swimmer instead.

The moral is that we should never stop aspiring toward our goals, even if we’re 110.  That’s because gaining skills anytime in life is a significant purpose, and if reincarnation exists, we surely want to re-enter this world more skilled than if we had not followed our callings.

And if it’s a toss-up between returning as an Olympic swimmer or a fish, I hope to swim like an Olympian, either way.