Research Assistant Opportunity!

Moodling Toward Better Learning!

As a student you may be familiar with platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, and Bright Space.  What you may not know is how little is understood about such platform’s relative efficacy, in terms of quantifiable participant statistics.  Despite feedback from pupils to tutors, such “data is very difficult to access and interpret by instructors and learning designers, and thus very seldom used effectively.” It is the task of this research assistant project to adequately unpack such feedback, the better to improve teaching management tactics.  To this end the successful applicant will demonstrate programming and web development skills.

This project will utilize an “Academic Analytics Tool (AAT)” for further goals of uncovering which requirements are needed in a given setting, adding a “configuration interface” to improve functionality, and to enable an open-source method of utilizing the works within academic settings.  Two assistants will be hired to analyze, utilize, and even train others (optional) in the deployment of these digital learning spheres.

Interested parties are asked to send their cover letter, resume, transcript, and two references to