Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

Hungry students will be interested to know that February 9 is National Pizza Day.  Similar to that food’s myriad variety, we found a multiplicity of pizza references in the archives.

In praise of battleaxes.  Bill Pollett makes the case that the world could use more people like his blunt-talking, pizza-toting friend, Linda.  “By her own admission, she’s a ‘loud-mouthed old broad’, thick-skinned and outspoken to a fault, and not the sort of person to suffer fools gladly. I sometimes suspect that she relishes being on the opposite side of any debate just for the sheer pleasure of dusting her knuckles.”  Lost & Found – Ode to a Loudmouth, April 6, 2004.

The Great Pineapple Divide.  Tara Howse muses on the vehemence of those who can’t abide by the sweet yellow fruit on pizza.  “Writing this article has me now wondering whether the naysayers hate all fruit on pizza and, if that’s the case, how does tomato and tomato sauce stand up to this line of thinking?”  The Pineapple Principle, April 14, 2017.