Buying Clothing Gifts To Turn Our Loved Ones Into Superstars

Part 2

Buying Clothing Gifts To Turn Our Loved Ones Into Superstars

Last week, we discovered how to determine our loved ones’ color palettes so we can buy them clothes with colors that make them shine.  This week, we will examine the last piece of fashion mastery skills to make our loved ones look stunning: clothes that suit their body type.  Everyone can look spectacular with these tips.

But first, I mentioned last week that I bought my loved one a sweater in his light beige color with a zip-up neck and detailing at the neckline, arm cuffs, and bottom seam.  The sweater cost only $60.  It arrived a few days ago, and my loved one looks so good in it that I can’t stop staring at him.  He loves it, too.  We can all gift our loved ones in spectacular ways where they feel loved and appreciated.

So, now that we know our loved ones’ colors (from last week’s article), let’s look into body types.  We are either a pear (big hips, bottoms, and legs; smaller shoulders and nice abs), inverted rectangle (big shoulders, often bigger chests, smaller hips and waist, and lean, shapely legs), hourglass (symmetrical shoulders and hips with leaner waist—the perfect symmetry), rectangle (same width shoulders as hips and waist), or apple bodies (larger stomach, often larger bust, and usually lean, shapely legs).  And no matter our gender, we all want to strive for the illusion of an hourglass figure.  And we can make every body type look stunning.  After all, we are all innately gorgeous.

If our loved one has a pear shape (with a bigger bottom and legs and smaller shoulders but lean abs), buy them clothes with puffy sleeves and collars rounded close to the neck with shoulder embellishments and bright colors on the shirts.  All this will make the upper body, especially the shoulders, look larger to balance the lower body.  Also, for the pear, the lower body should be darker pants with no pockets and no pleats.  This will reduce the visual volume of the lower half of the body so that it balances out with the smaller upper body.  Once we know what body shape we are, search online “shirts for pear body shape” or “pants for pear body shapes,” and see exactly what we should buy.

I’m the opposite of a pear; I’m an inverted triangle due to weightlifting.  So, I have lean legs and bigger shoulders.  So, I wear darker upper clothes with V- or scoop-necks to pull the attention away from my shoulders.  I don’t wear puffy shoulders or bright colors or patterns in my shirts, as these things will make my shoulders and upper body look disproportionately bigger.  But I wear loose-fitting pants and love wide-leg or balloon jeans with pockets and pleats, adding mass to my lower body.  I can wear bright colors for pants, which I previously did with pink and blue floral pants, which make my lower body larger.  Colorful pants thereby balance out with my larger shoulders.  I also look great in a belted trench coat, which I bought today at the Bay in my light brown, soft autumn color.  I saw it on the hanger, knew it was the perfect color and fit, and applied for The Bay credit card to take the coat home, as I had been searching for a similar coat for over a year.

If we are an apple figure, chances are we have beautiful, shapely legs to show off.  Search “shirts for apple body,” “pants for apple body,” etc., to see how we can maximize our assets.  For instance, a perfect coat for an apple body is an a-line style (that flares out like the letter A) with the bottom hemline at the top of the thigh area.  Great shirts for apple bodies include low V-necklines with ornaments and details and bright colors around the neckline.  All this draws attention away from the mid area.  Flowing, flared, wide-legged, and cargo pants look lovely on an apple body, taking attention away from the midsection.  And every body type has beautiful assets, just like every soul is stunning.

Lastly, we can measure our loved ones’ bodies if they are willing.  We measure their waist, hips, shoulders, bust, legs, and height.  Here is a chart for achieving that goal to determine our loved one’s body shape:, and%20all%20bodies%20are%20beautiful.

Now, we have the skills to find gifts that make our loved ones look like the stars of the show.  So, gift them something special, and don’t be surprised if the dreaded clothing gifts light up their day because these gifts will make them look gorgeous.  And if we let out a slow whistle every time they wear the clothing item, I guarantee they’ll know they deserve it.  And more than that, they’ll know they’re loved.