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PSYC 375 is hell. A student asked about three courses, one of which is PSYC 375. Replies suggest that PSYC 375 is “pure hell” and “absolute hell.” One student clarified that it’s about the history of psychology, and other students said it requires memorizing the textbook, including some unimportant details.


What’s it like to take a lab at AU? A student asks about the BIOL207 lab to be taken at AU. A student who had taken a lab at AU five years ago indicated that it involved ten students and a lovely course coordinator who was excited about the course material. The lab work involved microscopes and PCR testing. The lab lasted five days, from 9 AM to 4 PM daily. The cost was $50 per day, including a private room with a washroom, shared showers, and a shared kitchen.


Gain a mastery of writing a thesis. @athabascau writes, “What do you gain from participating in the #AthabascaU Three-Minute Thesis competition? Plenty, according to grad students and alumni who have taken part. Register by April 10!,”

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Learn how to apply for awards that pay for your education. @athabascaUBiz writes, “Do you find scholarship essays more daunting than term papers? Join this undergraduate-focused webinar on Tuesday, March 26 at 12:30 p.m. MT to get tips for writing an effective award application.”