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How to juggle full-time work and studies.  A student asks how students work full-time while completing an AU course within three months.  Twenty-four commentators respond with various types of advice including combining reading with writing for assignments, dedicating two days to the assignment, six to ten hours each day, or sticking to the hours committed to studying each day, like a day job, always moving forward by switching to another class or reading a chapter when stuck. Other students utilize learning objectives to focus their studies, or waking up at 3 AM to study.  One student with a full-time career, who had to complete three courses within four months, scheduled small daily tasks (such as 250 to 500 words for an assignment), documented in Excel, ensuring each semester had one course with a final exam and two with final essays.


How do AU certificates work? A student inquires about a year-long computer science University Certificate and its relevance for a full-time degree.  According to two students, the accounting certificate contains only courses that apply to the two-year certificate, and the two-year certificate contains only courses that apply to the degree, which takes an additional two years to complete.  Another student says the (HR) certificate looks good on a resume while pursuing the degree.


Space to connect.  @athabascau writes, “AU Trans Student Connect is a space for transgender, non-binary, Two Spirit, and gender nonconforming students to socialize.  The sessions will be facilitated by Dr.  Tobias Wiggins, a trans scholar in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.”