Toxic versus Helathy Choices!

Health can become a fun form of fanaticism and has many benefits.  Toxins, on the other hand, lead to suffering.  Getting hit with a disease where we can no longer work, where we suffer to the point of nausea, where we are isolated for a decade in a black room with no sound, barely able to communicate with our children and families, can be a brutal wake-up call regarding toxins.  Cigarettes, cannabis, coffee, sugar, alcohol, fast foods, trans fats, just a day of any of these would drag me back into hellish sickness.

But getting healthy becomes an addiction.  The healthier we become, the healthier we want to get.  It’s a tipping point.  To illustrate, I exercise regularly and eat foods near their natural states.  My positive choices have become more extreme over time, which is a good outcome, as my health has turned around 360.  Healthy choices are influencing my loved ones to get healthier.

For example, a loved one gave up coffee and pop and is now drinking green tea, water, and probiotic-rich Kombucha instead.  She also started watching YouTube health videos that may have inadvertently populated her YouTube through my YouTube viewing, which showed her how damaging sugar is to the arteries, causing her to give up sweetened chocolate and sugary treats.  As a result, she looks healthier and leaner, and her skin, hair, and eyes shine.  She loves the changes!

Toxins send us the other way.  They can make us ugly and sick.  To illustrate, I went for a job interview to sell smokeless cigarettes a while back.  The interviewers lit up their smokeless cigarettes, and the room was filled with vile smokeless smoke.  My lungs tightened, and I felt sick for the next three days.  I could taste the smokeless smoke strangling my lungs, and I felt less motivated to exercise, which shocked me, and my hunger to eat healthily halted, as I felt like a giant bag of lung butter.  If I got the job, I’d rapidly plummet into poor health and maybe end up smoking, plummeting down the toxin path.  So, eliminate all toxins from our diet and lifestyle, as 100% abstinence is significantly easier than 99%.  From my experience, the difference between daily consumption of no toxins versus one percent toxins can be life or death.

Like toxins begets toxins and health begets health, toxic thoughts (anything negative) bear toxic outcomes.  In contrast, loving thoughts beget positive outcomes, as thoughts lead to feelings, behaviors, perceptions, and “feedback.” The positivity that begets more positivity tends to nurture, love, inspire, and support others.  When someone is in a pinch, for instance, and asks us to go a mile, if we go four miles, they leave the situation empowered and feeling good, and we feel elated.

Positive words and actions can make someone proud because what we said touched the core of their self-worth.  Everyone is deeply special, despite whatever path we are on, including if we are on the darkest path, as we are all essentially brilliant beings of light! I believe all our paths are meant to arrive at a state of unconditional, selfless love for all others.  We all have missions to complete, every one of us, and I believe the underlying theme of those missions is unconditional love.

Recently, I told a plumber how great his work was, and he said he was just a plumber.  I told him he was probably the best in the country as he cared greatly about his work, and his posture straightened.  I truly meant what I said, and I was surprised he didn’t know this.  His work, compared to a prior plumber, was worlds apart.  Also, today, a magazine editor reached out to me in a panic for a story, and I couldn’t help him but gave him a resource that would greatly benefit his work and offered free labor to find a solution.  His stress turned to empowerment, which brought me joy.  Also, yesterday, I was in a meeting with over a hundred others online, and a guest speaker looked unsure of herself, almost like she would cry.  So, I posted an encouraging comment for her, and when she stopped talking and looked down at the comment, her face broke into a smile, and I felt elated.  Love begets joy.

Positive choices lead to joy.  Negative ones lead to suffering.  The dark side is suffering, and it’s not our friend.  The dark side leads us to toxic lifestyles, disease, heartache, and early death.  And if that’s not bad enough, there’s the dark side of the afterlife, commonly referred to as hell, which many near-death experiencers discuss, and it’s unbelievable suffering.  But a step toward the light can lead to joy.  Ask anyone who has had a near-death experience where they most want to be.  It’s certainly not in the hell realm or even on Earth.  It’s in the unconditional love of heaven, and it has a home for every religion and every soul.  I believe we can have that bliss to an unlimited degree here on Earth, but it culminates by making healthier and healthier choices, as one healthy choice spawns infinitely more.