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Strategies for academic success.  One student asked what strategies others wished they had known at the beginning of their studies.  This student suggested accessing end-of-chapter review questions before reading, answering them during the reading, and reviewing them regularly.  Another student takes this further by turning the course review questions into a Quizlet.  This student also watches videos on the subject.  Deadline-setting and course tutor interactions are also recommended.  Another student mentioned the importance of paying attention to the “digital reading room” link on the course’s main page.  It’s also linked under the course commentary and lecture section or the heading “unit readings.” This student says you can access the digital reading room for other courses from within the library, which could give you a head start and a sneak preview of the course material.  Another student prefers to do all the readings first and takes notes in Microsoft Word, while another student uses mind mapping.


Learn how to commercialize your research intellectual property.  @Athabascau writes, “This week, during Canada Innovation Week, #AthabascaU is announcing the launch of IP for the New Innovator, a new micro-course funded by the @YourAlberta  that aims to help researchers take their ideas from knowledge to the commercial space.  #CIW24”

Computer Science Research Guide.  @aulibarchives posts, “Not sure where to start with your Computer Science Research? Have a look at our new Research Guide to get you started:  #AULibrary.”