Vintage Voice

While this month’s intense solar storm produced amazing displays of the aurora borealis for many Canadians, pretty light shows aren’t the only effects of increased solar activity.  We blasted into the Voice vault to find this pair of relevant articles.

Great balls of fire.  Scott Jacobsen reports on the stream of solar particles bombarding the earth in 2017 and potentially causing a geomagnetic storm.  “When the particles come to the earth, they interact with the magnetic field for the creation of colours seen as the northern lights or the aurora borealis.”  Canadian Science News, October 27, 2017.

The Sun King.  S.D. Livingston sifts through the array of potential causes of climate change.  “With the devastation of extreme weather events plain for anyone to see, what difference does it make if a few scientists are manipulating the data to prove their theory? It matters a lot, because spending time and energy trying to fix the wrong issues could end up endangering millions more lives.”  Primal Numbers – The Great Warming Debate, February 13, 2015.