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How to juggle it all.  A student asked for advice on managing studies, children, and full-time work, and requested guidance on an English course that would help with essay writing.  One student suggested taking the course ENGL 255 and then building from there.  Other students recommended using the Write Site.  A single parent with three children managed to take three courses while working full-time and did okay by studying for 2 to 3 hours every evening and used weekends to study without the children.  Another student advised not to take too many challenging courses at once.  This student worked four jobs, one full-time, but was not a parent.  Another student woke up at 4 AM to study for three hours and read and studied during many sports practices.  Yet another student stopped spending hours daily on social media and devoted that time to studies instead.


It’s never too late to graduate! Twenty years after graduating from high school, a student finished a bachelor’s degree after receiving a diploma from another school.


Travel to South Africa to earn AU course credit.  @Athabascau writes, “How would you like to travel the world and experience different cultures while earning AU credit? A work-integrated learning opportunity in Lesotho this summer could be just the ticket.  Apply to take part!”

Happy Pride Month!  @aulibarchiveswrites, “Happy Pride Month! Have a look at our Pride Guide with resources and books to read:”

Grad student bursaries.  @AUGSA writes, “Did you know that AUGSA offers 9 types of bursaries to graduate students? Next deadline is June 15th, 2024.  To learn more and apply, visit”