Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

We cringed a bit upon hearing June 7 was National Donut Day, but soon learned that it’s also known (correctly) as National Doughnut Day.  Our archives turned up several articles with either spelling, and one article that used both spellings.

Always looking for a good raccoon recipe.  Teresa Neuman writes loving of the 1949 cookbook she inherited from her grandmother.  “Once the skills required to cook eggs have been mastered, more complicated dishes follow. ‘Fish’ includes a recipe for Pan Fried Frogs Legs (Page 919). ‘Game’ provides recipes for muskrat, elk, opossum, raccoon, and turtle; “Meat” features recipes like Jellied Veal Loaf (Page 1085). ‘Variety Meats’ details how to clean and prepare brains (Scrambled brains, Brains a la Newburg), sweetbreads, heart, kidney, and liver.”  Family Heirloom Not For Sale – Worth Another Look, October 8, 2003.

Follow the science—wherever it leads.  Rob Fursiewicz comments on NYC’s controversial decision to ban trans fat in local restaurants.  “Trans fats are partially hydrogenated oils that were developed as a healthier, cheaper, and longer-lasting alternative to fully saturated solid fats like lard. ‘Healthier’ no longer applies, as recent studies show that these artificially hydrogenated fats are more harmful than their saturated cousins.”  Health Consciousness – Ban the Trans:  These Sorry Lipids Should Go Away, January 19, 2007.