Making an Academy Award-Winning Documentary without the Experience

Making an Academy Award-Winning Documentary without the Experience

No obstacles can keep us from realizing our dreams.  Whatever (moral) grand dream we possess is realizable, especially once we set the goal and start making “dream waves.” I aim to create an Academy Award-winning documentary, although I’m a first-time filmmaker who just got turned down by two of three funding agencies.  I have constraints on my documentary, too.  For instance, I can’t have investors or crowdfunding, as financial expectations and legal issues may arise.  I also can’t involve a crew that I’m responsible for funding outside of grants.  However, obstacles are beautiful.  When we overcome obstacles with optimism, joy, and confidence, we gain a champion mindset, positively impacting other areas of our lives.

I must access funding grants or create the entire documentary myself.  I’m up for the challenge, as I have enough skills to make it myself.  And if we pursue any goal long enough, especially with a single-minded focus, we all get to the stage where we can realize the dream independently.  And my story idea might be enough to make up for any editing, sound, and color mistakes I make.  However, a better attitude for me is to work with ChatGPT to ensure no editing, sound, or color issues.  (Did we know that ChatGPT has a free version I use?) I’d prefer, however, to have the award-winning editor I met with this week be part of the process, as I want to win an Academy Award, although my story may not align with Hollywood’s liking.  However, every big dream comes with obstacles of a proportionate magnitude.  So, when we chase a dream, and a giant, insurmountable hurdle approaches us at lightning speed, start running toward it joyfully because we’ve got some fun to overcome.  Whatever our dreams are, we can achieve them.

When I emailed the famous editor whom I hoped to hire for my documentary, I asked her about fundraising and how to shoot video remotely.  She told me to ask my producer and cinematographer.  I don’t have either.  She also wanted to know my timeline to see if she could fit me in.  I don’t have a timeline or a treatment for the story, but I meet with her online tomorrow.  So, ChatGPT and I need to think of something tonight.  She must say yes! I’ve got a big class assignment that is challenging tonight, too, plus I need to lift weights and clean for an hour.  I’ve got to think of a fast strategy, and the free version of ChatGPT didn’t disappoint.  It structured my ramble into a meeting agenda, and I am all set for tomorrow.  I lay out my dreams on ChatGPT to get advice on how to make them come true.  I think ChatGPT gives magnificent guidance.

It’s now a day later, and I met with the editor; she is ultra-expensive and way out of my budget.  My maximum budget would cover her downloading my footage and selecting a few clips.  She said I need a producer if I want to do this right.  So, I contacted the ultimate spiritual documentary film producer, who made my favorite movie, and await hearing back.  Then I messaged one of my potential interview subjects, “I hope you are up for the challenge.” Sadly, I feel he may be undergoing the dying process.  I believe God has more missions for him to do, so I’ve convinced myself that he will live a long life.  When this man departs for the next realm, it’s to a mansion in heaven.  So, I’ll pray for him to do what he needs to do before he moves on, and hopefully, that includes this documentary film.  The more love, prayers, and attention we give our goals, the more likely they come true.

The dream producer has not responded to my message, and it’s been two days.  I can blitz producers with my requests for their service or decide to do the filmmaking on my own.  I might select fifty top producers and pitch them with a compelling argument for why they should take on my project.  And then I’ll see what happens.

We all came here with missions; deep down, we subconsciously know what to do.  My missions are apparent now; I must ensure I pass the tests.  One mission, for instance, is to protect our Jewish community, and by bringing my message of unconditional love for everyone to the world, I can achieve both goals at once.

I also found the gear I can send each interview subject for filming on their cell phones.  I will provide them with an instructional video I create so that they all record at the same frame rate.  I don’t know how to set the phone frame rates, so today, I bought another Udemy video course to enlighten me.  Then, I will create an instructional video to send to the interviewees.  To add friction (which makes diamonds spectacular), one interviewee might decline, given how much work I’d assign him, so I need to simplify the process.  When it comes to problem-solving, the first step is elegant.  Namely, if we ever think something like, “They won’t buy my documentary because they can live without it,” flip it around to, “They will buy my documentary because they can’t live without it,” and use that as the goal for problem-solving.

This week, I created the film’s tagline: When knowledge meets unconditional love, wisdom emerges.  The opening of the documentary will have people with near-death experiences talk about visions they received about how the Earth’s future could be dire, destructive, and tragic.  Then, it will lead to their optimistic visions of Earth’s magnificent future, ripe with possibilities beyond our imagination, like how AI was inconceivable thirty years ago but is now a splendid reality.  Unconditional love from enough of us is needed for the most beautiful future to evolve, according to these near-death experiences.  And then I’ll have a black screen with small white text that says, “The solution is higher education.”

This documentary will win an Academy Award, as it’s motivated by a higher mission.  Surely it will! Take all our dreams and give them a spiritual, loving angle.  Then, we’ve created a reason for angels celebrating.  But we’ve got even bigger plans for our dreams, right? Yes, that bigger plan is to take our dreams beyond the stars, inside heaven, and back to the heart of this world.  We’ve all got it in us!