Successful People Like Us Bust and Move

If I’m correct, it was Sunny Vu who said, “People are limited by what they attempt, not by what they are capable of.” We all have dreams, whether we know it or not.  Those dreams are our missions—our reasons for walking our footsteps to where we are today.  Everything we’ve experienced, good and bad, was intended for that divine awakening.  Something monumental must come out of the path we’ve walked, something we’re meant to learn, share, and manifest.

That said, I’m embarking on a journey to double my income within a year, film a documentary, and win gold at the Olympics.  However, my actual inner need is to herald God’s unconditional love.  We all thrive when we dream big, striding confidently toward our goals and viewing obstacles as thrilling, inspiring us to experiment with new solutions.

A first step to doubling one’s income is to give 110% intensity during practice, making the practice harder than an actual match, and getting comfortable and efficient at this level of performance.  I saw a coach on Master Class who said to give our practice more effort than most would give the actual game.  That’s because we perform in a match just below the level we practice at, given the added element of performance stress.  Yet, when we win the match, the promotion, or the A grade, it’s not party time, and we all go to sleep.  We must bust and move more intensely for an even greater win.  Every action, thought, and word must contribute to the goals.  That’s because we’re innately built to be hyper-efficient with every task.

I’ve also got to study three courses in the evening.  One is a problem-solving and critical thinking course to tutor people in problem-solving models for extra income.  I am also studying c# to program virtual reality.  As well, I am enrolled in a documentary filmmaking course.  I’m also being trained to serve as a marital counselor for an unaccredited organization, where I’m discovering that I may have a talent for genuinely comforting people in distress.  I take ongoing courses not as a burden, but as a joy, because one of my goals is to get more than the education required for a CMO role.  Education can indeed fuel our wildest dreams.

However, time is scarce, so we must maximize every moment to reach our goals.  That’s because the faster we move, the more we get done.  I indeed saw this when doing high-intensity interval sprints on my stationary bike.  The quicker I sprinted on my bike, the more career work I completed during the day.  So, when we bust and move in exercise, studies, and work, it benefits all areas of our lives.  According to Brian Tracy in his book Goals, the faster we move, the more work we get done, and the more work we get done, the more we earn.

No matter what we do in life, we will face resistance.  So, what should we do when we hit a giant brick wall? Do we dwell on what we did wrong to determine how to improve next time? That’s okay, but a better solution is thinking, “What can I do right now to improve my outcome?” From recent experience, we want to keep throwing ideas—possible solutions, big visionary goals—at the wall until something magnificent sticks.

The higher we aim, the more we will fall smack on the pavement.  The key is to not look back in wonder and despair when we falter or fail because hurdles and boulders are part of the success package  (in a weird sense, those obstacles are part of the fun). Instead, the key is to look forward with inspiration.  That way, we never get shut down.  Instead, when we look forward, we rise to the top of every ambition we dream of achieving! And no one deserves the top roles more than we do!

Finally, I’ve realized that there is a formula for making billions.  But first, I need to reassess how I can achieve billions as a top marketer at a company, tutoring critical thinking and emceeing executives as a side gig.  It doesn’t quite add up to a billion.  (I always want to continue writing these articles, as they are a medium to make a difference in our lives if I approach the task wisely.) Instead, the formula for making billions is simple: sell something cheap that lots of people want or sell something expensive that enough people like–and couple that with skill in investing.  So, whatever goal we go after, we step on the gas, adapt fast, and shift gears rapidly to arrive at our destination in record time.  And that destination, my beautiful friend, is our gateway to heaven.