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Volume 25 Issue 37 - 2017-09-22

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General Policy


The Voice Magazine is a communication vehicle for the students of Athabasca University. We endeavour to provide current, factual, and pertinent, information in an easily digestible format. We maintain an open policy and invite student participation.


Mission Statement:

The Voice will inform students of University issues

The Voice will inform students of AUSU services and programs

The Voice will represent the students' point of view

The Voice will focus on issues and topics of importance to AU students

The Voice will strive to to create a community environment among AU students


Editorial Policy:

1. Political Position:

1.1 The Voice's editorial policy is one of fair and equitable coverage. In keeping with standard journalistic ethics, The Voice does not support or endorse any individual politician or political party or any individual faculty or department within the University, with the exception of its editorial pages, which may contain personal opinions of the authors.

1.2 The Voice is the communication tool of the students of Athabasca University.

2. Presentation:

2.1 In designing and creating The Voice, the editorial staff will strive for a clean, wholesome, and professional presentation.

2.2 The Editor and writers will work in keeping with Canadian Press Journalistic Style. The Voice will not publish items the Editor judges to be in poor taste, or unsuitable for an educated, sophisticated audience.

2.3 The Voice will strive to maximize accessibility to all AU students, within budgetary limitations.

3. Editorial Control

3.1 The Editor will make the final determination of suitability of the articles for The Voice.

4. Editorial Page

4.1 The editorial is written by the Editor, and reflects a position on current issues, which are important to AU students or the academic community as a whole.

4.2 Letters to the Editor are to be encouraged. The Editor reserves the right to edit for length and suitability to The Voice format. The Editor will not change the political position of the initial letter.

4.3 The address of The Voice and the Editor will be made available on the web page. It will feature a disclaimer indicating that the views presented in the articles are those of the specific writer alone.

5. Regular Features

5.1 It is at the Editor's discretion if there are to be regular features in The Voice. If the editor so chooses, he or she may obtain the services of a writer specifically to write a regularly featured column.


Advertising Policy

1. Rate Card

1.1 The Editor-in-Chief will determine advertising rates for The Voice Magazine. The objective is to obtain revenue targets set down by the annual Voice Operating Budget. Businesses and organizations that provide a service or other benefit to AU students may recieve free advertizing space at the discretion of the Editor.

2. Discounts

2.1 Frequency discounts are available to those clients who commit to advertise over a pre-set period of time.

3.Special Promotions

3.1 Special Promotions must have preset boundaries, dealing with theme, advertising sizes, and prices, as approved by the Editor.

3.2 Clients with frequency discounts can apply those rates to additional advertising placed in special sections, but not to the pre-booked advertising.

4.University Advertising Contract

4.1 Advertising materials from Athabasca University that provide information for students are to be exempt from charges. All other items from AU are negotiable.

5.Content Control

5.1 The Voice reserves the right to deny any advertising, without explanation, at the discretion of the Editor.

6. No Charge Advertising

6.1 Public Service Announcements are accepted at the discretion of the Editor of The Voice.

6.2 All advertisement/announcement requests must be in writing or via email.


Classified Policy

1.General Guideline

1.1 The Voice offers classified advertising to AU students for free. Inquire for details.

1.2 The Editor of The Voice will set the rate for classified ads for outside entities.

2 Restrictions and Limitations

2.2 The Editor reserves the right to refuse any advertising without explanation.




Position Descriptions

1. Editor in Chief

1.1 The Editor is responsible for maintaining ethical standards and integrity in the newspaper.

1.3 The Editor is in charge of all staff of The Voice

1.4 The Editor will arrange for editorial copy, assign stories, format and optimizegraphics, and edit finished works.

2. Writers

2.1 Reporters will work on assignment from the Editor when writing articles for The Voice.

2.2 Writers will be paid at the rate of 30.00 per article, unless working under the above title of regular columnist.

2.3 The editor may assign a rate for assigned articles, or for special items.

2.4 The editor may pay for photographs included with on-location photo-journalistic articles, at the discretion of the editor. Photos included with regular articles and not pre-approved by the editor are not subject to pay.

3. Webmaster

3.1 The Webmaster will be responsible for ensuring the content of The Voice is posted in a timely manner.

3.2 The Webmaster will be responsible for layout and design of The Voice webpage at the direction of the Editor.

3.3 If a Webmaster is not employed by The Voice, the tasks of the Webmaster will be carried out by the Editor in Chief.


Ethical Standards

1. Employee and Writer Presentation

1.1 All employees of The Voice, whether paid or volunteers, will strive to present themselves in a professional manner.

1.2 The Voice staff will be expected to be courteous and compassionate.

1.3 The Voice representatives may not use their positions to influence access to information.

1.4 No employee or writer of the Voice will use the Voice to promote their own business or other personal interests, with the exception of the employee recieveing reasonable credit for work performed.

2 Staff Ethics

2.1 The Voice Staff members will not take advantage of their position by obtaining gratuities or other favours.

3. Writer and Photographer Ethics

3.1 Reporters and photographers should respect their sources and their right to confidentiality, where appropriate and within the guidelines of Canadian law.

3.2 Reporters and photographers must verify the accuracy of all they report.

3.3 The Voice will support its reporters and photographers in legal matters where merited.

3.4 Photographers will always make sure their subjects are aware of their intentions, and obtain names of individuals photographed. Names will be published when applicable and reasonable.

3.5 Photographers and reporters working on assignment will be provided with The Voice Magazine identification tags and must wear them at all times when representing the paper.

3.6 Any writer caught engaging in plagiarism will be dismissed and may be reported to Athabasca University for possible non-academic misconduct discipline.




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