Homemade is Better—Creamy Coleslaw

Coleslaw is always better the next day, but, in our house, we rarely make coleslaw days ahead.  So this is a bit of a cheater recipe.  We adapted this recipe from a few other recipes we’ve seen, and my wife and I make it slightly different from each other.  For example, she likes to add… Read more »

Dear Barb—Selfish Concern

Dear Barb: Hi, I am 19 years old and my mom was just diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Mom’s a single parent and I am her only child.  We have always been very close and get along well.  She has had a lot of symptoms, but we weren’t sure exactly what was causing them.  The MS… Read more »

AUSU Update

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact with any questions. IMPORTANT DATES May 30: AUSU Virtual Student Social May 30: Deadline to apply for course extension for June June 4: AUSU Virtual Student Social Jun 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Jul… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Accordion Potatoes

Fun fact about potatoes I once learned while watching a favourite celebrity chef.  Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family, and 99% of all potatoes are descendants of a variety grown in Peru.  Potatoes were modified in so many ways that today there are about 4,000 varieties.   Most potatoes fall into the categories of… Read more »

Vintage Voice

To honour Sherlock Holmes Day on May 22, we sleuthed through the archives, following clues that led us to these elemental offerings. Breathing life into Holmes.  Janice Behrens chronicles her growing fondness for mystery novels, including the iconic Sherlock Holmes series.  “When reading the books, it is sometimes possible to almost smell the pipe tobacco… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  Villa Charities Scholarship Program Sponsored by:  Villa Charities Foundation Deadline:  June 30, 2020 Potential payout:  $2500 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, be registered in a full-time undergrad program at an accredited  Canadian university or college, have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and have an interest in Italian… Read more »

Recent Challenges in the Transition to Online Education

Although the recent pandemic driven transition to online education may have appeared relatively seamless and rapid, various issues have surfaced at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.  Despite the benefit of an existing online format, struggles have been reported here at AU as well.  Various students on the AU app have expressed concern with increased… Read more »

The Creative Spark—How to Make Your Three-Act Structure Rock

Do you want to write sizzling stories? I have a confession.  I want to write Christian or inspirational fiction.  Yet, I sleep through movies.  I prefer my friend’s two-minute movie summaries over watching the shows.  Since I became of age, I have read four—yes, four—fiction books.  To put it in perspective, I read four fiction… Read more »