A Follow up on Meditation

The Voice welcomes your comments on its contents. Use your voice to voice your opinions to The Voice. We love the sound of it, and you should to (the sound of your voice, that is)! Personally, I have to thank one of our readers for writing in”?I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article… Read more »

Are Today’s Conveniences Really Good For Us?

Earth has been around for about a few billion years now. Life progressed pretty slowly in that time and change was minimal over the centuries. That is, until, the 20th century! It’s been said there hasn’t been as much change on Earth in the last few billion years as there has been in the last… Read more »

DEAR SANDRA – The Advice Column

Dear Sandra, I’m just about ready to go crazy. I’m working my butt off to hold down a job, I have a small school-aged son that needs time, love, and attention, and a husband who thinks a major contribution to the household duties is to use a coaster for his glass. He has no understanding… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Cooking Up A Storm

I just realized that I have quite a large collection of cookbooks, which dominates the pantry shelves. It’s like owning my own private library or having a staff of chefs at my beck and call. Cookbooks are special. The recipes are a puzzle waiting to be solved and the photos promise that the dish can… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch!

Money in the Trees The Minister of Natural Resources, Herb Dhaliwal, has announced $100,000 in scholarships, $5,000 each to 20 university students that are studying forestry (see: Tied to these scholarships is the requirement to pursue at least part of their research in a laboratory of the Canadian Forestry Service. Unfortunately these scholarships, like… Read more »

From My Perspective – Post-Secondary Tuition (Part One)

On-campus students are always making public statements to protest rising tuition costs. In fact many people may even start to tune these protests out, since they seem to go hand in hand with attendance at a post secondary institution in an almost predictable pattern – the school year starts & students complain about tuition! As… Read more »

Something Festive This Way Comes…

Halloween is only two short weeks away, and if you are like most people, you will be scrambling to get prepared, but will end up leaving most of the work until the very last minute. It happens to all of us. Nevertheless, decorating the house and yard can be great fun for parents and children,… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

The middle of October marks Debbie’s one year anniversary of writing as a columnist for The Voice, and more than a year of contributing “From My Perspective” to our paper . Thank-you Debbie for your contributions, and your efforts to continue to improve The Voice!


Letter To The Editor: I would like to respond to the very interesting article by Tamra Ross Low “What I’ve Learned About AU Students” and perhaps provide some helpful advice for all AU students. The Information Centre was established to provide a first point of contact for prospective and continuing students. We have a staff… Read more »