News From AU – Contributed by The Insider

AU graduate appointed to COC Christian Farstad, financial officer, chartered financial analyst and AU graduate, has been named Director, Athletic Relations for the Canadian Olympic Committee. Read more here. AU Profs Get Piece of Funding Pie AU’s Drs. Oscar Lin and Peter Holt have each been named to receive some of $325 million in new… Read more »

NATIONAL ABORIGINAL DAY. June 21, 2003. Notes from A Special Insider

The following is an overview of the contents of Athabasca University’s National Aboriginal Day special edition of The Insider, as well as a portion of a press release from The University of the Arctic, of which AU is a member. See: to read the entire issue of the special edition insider. In Memoriam “This… Read more »

Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, Why do some people’s joints hurt when the weather changes? Achy in Ontario Dear Achy, It always amazed me as a young child that my grandmother knew just when it was going to rain. If I wanted to go for a bike ride on a sunny day she would holler after me to… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

Private Schooling – Public Funding The Ontario government is celebrating ( how it has managed to simultaneously rob its public education system and at the same time please many parents. A recent press release reminds Ontarians about how their provincial government passed legislation that allows parents to receive a tax-credit based on the tuition they… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Movie Review: The Dinner Game

I’m a bit embarrassed not to have heard of this film masterpiece from France. I admit it. But I’m awfully glad I caught up! Written and Directed by Francis Veber, The Dinner Game, is a hilarious comedy of errors. It popped on Bravo TV’s screen recently and I found myself immediately disgusted seeing English subtitles…. Read more »

AU Graduate Profiles

Sandra Moore spoke with Daris Ruest and Mary Marguerite Butler at Convocation: AU GRADUATE PROFILE OF DARIS RUEST AGE: 34 LIVES IN: Hinton, AB TRAVEL TIME TO ATHABASCA: 5 hours PROGRAM COMPLETED: Bachelor Of Nursing YEARS IT TOOK TO COMPLETE: 10 FAVORITE COURSE: Nursing Informatics LEAST FAVORITE COURSE: Nursing Research FAVORITE TUTOR: Liz Broad HIGHEST… Read more »

From My Perspective – A Tribute To My Piano Teacher

It was with great sadness I read an obituary notice the other day to discover that Thelma Johannes O’Neill had passed away, one day short of her 88th birthday. Her obituary states that Mrs. O’Neill was “dedicated to motivating and encouraging her students to search for the highest musical expression.” I can testify to the… Read more »