Worth a Second Look – Food Safety Part I

My husband and I were stricken recently with a food borne illness, or what is more commonly referred to as a bout of food poisoning. A quiet romantic dinner left us sick for several days. We blamed the plate of beef satay, but it could have been anything in the restaurant’s kitchen or even something… Read more »

The Harried Student:

Recently, in one of the Voice’s columns, a fellow writer, comrade, and sibling in schooling laid at the feet of the Voice’s readership a challenge. The challenge is to demonstrate writing about nothing”?writing having no point, no subject, no opinion. Intrepid around-the-blocker who’s been there, done it, and uses the T-shirts for dishrags, I am… Read more »

Gas Leaks and Bite Shift

I yanked my Jaguar suitcase along on its wheels, laden with thick textbooks and grubby laundry. I pulled it into my condo suite and slapped everything on the floor or on the dining table. I was in a vile mood. I’d been away to my second level of Craniosacral Therapy and nearly starved, and froze… Read more »

Fed Watch!

Running the University Numbers Statistics Canada has released a report on University Finances for 2000/2001 (see: Unsurprisingly, they list that the total percentage of university revenue from government sources has declined while the percentage paid by the students has risen “substantially from a decade earlier”. Government contributions rose less than 3% over 2000/01, making this… Read more »

From my Perspective

“Let’s go surfin’ now Everybody’s learning how Come on and safari with me” (Surfin’ Safari, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson/Mike Love) “If everybody had an ocean Across the U.S.A. Then everybody’d be surfin’ Like Californi-a …We’ll all be gone for the summer We’re on surfari to stay Tell the teacher we’re surfing…surfing U.S.A. …everybody’s gone… Read more »

A Conundrum For Medical Practitioners?

At one time, teenagers had little or no say in their medical treatment. Instead, decisions were made by consultation with doctors and parents, and teens had to accept whatever treatment was prescribed by a paternalistic medical system. Recently, however, more doctors allow mature teens to make informed medical decisions, often without the input of their… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

AUSU met on the evening of September 16th for the last regular council meeting of the 2001/2002 fiscal year. Finances and our preliminary budget for the upcoming fiscal year were the main topics of discussion, and we laid the groundwork for some exciting new scholarships and student awards. Also under discussion was the possibility of… Read more »

Free Health Benefits for Children in Low-income Families

The Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB) provides children in low-income families with free: · Dental care · Prescription drugs · Eyewear · Emergency ambulance services · Essential diabetic supplies More families are now eligible for coverage through the ACHB because of increased income eligibility levels, which took effect July 1, 2002. These income levels are… Read more »


Dear Readers, I have received a number of email asking for printable editions of the current Voice. The current issue is always included in the list of PDF Archives for your printing convenience. Thank-you for your readership and support! Tammy Moore Thanks to all of you who have been providing us with such great feedback… Read more »


Letter To The Editor: In the past issue of the voice Mr. Low discusses the costs of going to AU compared to other traditional institutions. I was just wondering if he added the cost of writing exams for non-Albertan students. I pay $40 per exam for the privilege of writing at the University of Ottawa…. Read more »