Dear Sandra

Dear Sandra, Exams are coming up for me at the end of the month and I am STRESSED! So stressed in fact, that I cannot get to sleep at night! Any suggestions? Jittery & Tired in Strathmore, AB Dear Jittery & Tired, I hope my advice helps you because the most important thing to do… Read more »

Are You Graduating This June?

I want to feature graduating AU students for the profiles section in May and June. If you are graduating this year, write to me and I will send you a profile form to fill out or we can arrange for a more in-depth interview. Remember how hard it was when you started at distance education?… Read more »

Flicks & Folios – Holistic Home

Very rarely do I ever purchase what I call “feel good” books. They are often expensive and the content is mostly glitz. Holistic Home, however, described on the front cover as a book for “creating an environment for physical and spiritual well-being” delivers just that and is my exception in the purchasing books department. This… Read more »

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome [SARS]

As if the world didn’t have enough to worry about, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) has stunned the people across continents. So far, 14 deaths have been reported in Canada and all victims have been those who have traveled to Asia or who came in direct contact with SARS cases at home or in the… Read more »

From My Perspective – Writing Exams

I’m doing a lot of last-minute cramming these days, since I’m trying to finish up my courses in time to meet the graduation deadline. This also means I have been writing a lot of exams in a short period of time. Last month I had an unusual problem occur when I went to book an… Read more »

ATTENTION: Psychology Students

Every Monday from 9:30 – 10:30 AM MST and Wednesday from 7-8 PM MST the Athabasca University Psychology Students’ Society gets together to chat about issues pertaining to the world of psychology at AU. Go to and log on the discussion forum link, from there click on Psychology at the top written in blue… Read more »

Canadian Fedwatch! News Across the Nation

When Even The Bank Tells You To Spend More The Toronto Dominion bank recently released a report ( praising Alberta as being the only region in Canada that has U.S. levels of wealth while preserving the Canadian-style quality of life. The report is not all wine and roses however, and points out that in order… Read more »

AU Honors List, December 2002

AUSU would like to congratulate the following students who made the December 2002 Honours List: STUDENT – PROGRAM – YEAR – ADDRESS Baird, Joanne – BN – Year 3 – Grand Falls-Windsor, NL Balaski, Beverly – BN – Year 3 – Regina, SK Bech-Hansen, Angela – BADMN – Year 2 – Richmond Hill, ON Benedict,… Read more »

Editorial Pages

THIS WEEK From My Perspective: Debbie Jabbour writes about her experiences with AU exams and talks about a stipulation for scheduling longer exams that you need to know about. Read the article, then send me your funny, frightening or just plain weird exam stories for a future Sounding Off column. Also read this week’s Dear… Read more »