CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Classified ads must follow the direct guidelines and ethics stated in the Voice Policy and should be submitted to the editor at with “?CLASSIFIED AD’… Read more »

Christmas Clichés and Contradictions

“?Tis the season to be jolly, and thank God for that (or, if you’re the type of person who is offended when someone tells you to have a Merry Christmas because you think they are, in some manner or another, trying to ram their religion down your throat while at the same time slyly taking… Read more »

AU School of Business Wins Award

AU’s list of honours continues to grow: the School of Business has been recognized with an E-Business Leadership Award. Awards were presented Nov. 28 in Edmonton to eight Alberta companies, communities and not-for-profit organizations that have demonstrated leadership and success in electronic commerce, learning, community support and other innovative ways of using the Internet. Singled… Read more »

NFB Film Club Edmonton – Free Screening of Canadian Documentaries

Upcoming free screening of Canadian documentaries – feature films co-sponsored with the Edmonton Public Library & CBC Radio One Showing @ the Milner Library Theatre downtown, 7 Churchill SQ. Time: 7-9 p.m. January 14: To My Birthmother …. Directed by Beverly Shaffer / Produced by Beverly Shaffer & Mark Zannis Delving into the past can… Read more »

AU ANNOUNCEMENT: English and Math Assessments Online

Athabasca University’s Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment is now published online at: Two versions of this online test contain 30 or 70 questions that will help assess students’ mathematical skills. Based on their score, the assessment will recommend which Athabasca University mathematics course a student is likely ready to take successfully. You may also find the… Read more »


The student/staff profile of those whose lives are involved with AU is a new column in The Voice. It is our hope that reading about those who are part of what makes AU unique will draw our students closer together although we span countries and continents. We are a part of AU, and as such,… Read more »


If I were to tell you about the city I live in, what would I say? I’d say it’s a town built on work; a town built on industry; a town built on the grit of people who either didn’t want to, or couldn’t, deal with building the city of Toronto (our neighbour by one… Read more »

Bison: the other red meat? Worth a Second Look

According to the Canadian Bison Association, “bison is back.” This majestic animal, once nearly extinct, is again popular with consumers because of its flavourful and healthy meat. In 2001, Reader’s Digest named bison as the fourth most nutritious food product for women, and chefs like Bobby Flay feature bison on menus in their restaurants. Described… Read more »

The Harried Student: Thesis

Unashamedly exhausted, after hoarsely whispering “It is done,” he beseeched, “Why have you forsaken me?” and closed his eyes. I was not without heart; I could feel his pain. I knew he needed me to acknowledge the honour he had won for himself, our family, our country. The gruelling ritual was finally over. Sole representative… Read more »