Crossing A Book

Since the advent of radio, books have seemed in danger of obsolescence. First radio plays, then television, and finally the Internet, have all presented both fact and fiction in an engaging, lively manner with which some feared books could not compete. However, to those who love the printed page, these media are nothing more than… Read more »

Bottled Up

If you’re like many of the rest of us, your cupboards and storage areas are full of empty jars. Whenever the original contents are gone, we clean the jars out and put them away thinking we’ll find a use for them “one of these days”. The jars pile up until there are more jars than… Read more »

A VOICE EXCLUSIVE SERIES – The Popstar Experience, Conclusion

The conclusion of a continuing series about the Canadian Television talent competition, Popstars: The One. For part one of this series, see: As the evening wore on, I jumped every time the phone rang, worried that it might be Amaya with another “missed plane” story. Fortunately no call came, and close to midnight we… Read more »

Sounding Off

Last week we asked readers to send us their feelings on the new Proposed AU tuition policy [see last week’s Over Extended for more information – v11 i11, March 12, 2003]. The topic for next week is: Rising tuition rates: Do you still feel that under the new tuition rates you are getting a better… Read more »

Editorial Pages – AU Tuition Increases

This week: News From AU: Tuition increase, Edmonton Playwright to write an AU course, new AU governing council member and VPFA and more: AUSU’s Sandra Moore covers the First National Forum on Post Secondary Education in Winnipeg. Read the highlights of this four day conference and learn AU had to add to the discussion. The… Read more »

Quote of the Week

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “If at first you don’t succeed you’re running about average.” –M. H. Alderson


U. OF A. HUMAN RIGHTS LECTURE – DR. KEVIN BALES Monday, March 17th, 2003 / 7:30 p.m. @ The Myer Horowitz Theatre University of Alberta Students’ Union Building Info: Tickets $10 available at TicketMaster The world’s leading expert on contemporary slavery, Dr. Kevin Bales, will deliver the 2003 University of Alberta Visiting Lectureship in… Read more »

Scholarship News

EDGE DIRECTORIES SCHOLARSHIP Value: n/s APPLICATION DEADLINE: MAY 31, 2003 Administrator: EDge Interactive Notes: Award amount to be determined. Must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and have been or be helping to make Canada a better place to live. Must be entering into any accredited post-secondary institution in Canada. Students must also submit an… Read more »