From My Perspective

As AU students, most of us are working towards a degree with the hope that we will find a new career, a job in a field that we enjoy, where our talents and abilities are utilized to the maximum. Many of us have experienced the daily grind of having to work at a job we… Read more »

Sharing the Memoirs of My Father’s Life

My father, Peter Kutsak, turned 83 last January. Eight years ago, he sat down in front of a computer for the very first time in his life and taught himself how to use Word Perfect. Over the next four years he typed up pages and pages of notes, written with his age-wobbly hand, of his… Read more »

Presto Chango: Nike not welcome in Toronto’s Kensington Market

Photo credit: Adbusters Spoof Ad Campaign When Nike moved into Toronto’s Kensington Market, a vibrant neighbourhood of alternative youth culture, they should have known they would have a fight on their hands. Shortly after the Nike “Presto showroom” opened, local graffiti artists let Nike know it wasn’t welcome by tagging buildings and mailboxes with… Read more »


Biosciences Growing in Ottawa The Government of Ottawa is investing thirty million dollars [SEE:] in building space for 1,500 more students at the University of Ottawa. This means that these seats will cost approximately $20,000 per student, actually, the cost is somewhat less as some of that money will be going into the renewal… Read more »


National Council on Ethics in Human Research (NCEHR) Visit – Feb. 6 ALL interested Athabasca University staff and students are invited to attend the NCEHR site visit team’s noon hour presentation on Minimal Risk and Expedited Review Processes. Please respond to Jill Calliou at by Feb 1st, as to whether you will be attending… Read more »

Enlightening Information

A Healing Process September 11: Dealing with the Backlash Were you affected by the horrific events of September 11? Do you think / feel racism against certain groups has increased since the tragedy? Would you like to share your thoughts & views about it? If so, you are cordially invited to attend any one of… Read more »

Find freedom in wired world, Lightman tells students

TORONTO (CUP) — Something as simple as turning off a cell phone can lead to the development of a better world, Alan Lightman told students at the University of Toronto last Wednesday. The respected physicist, novelist and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor delivered a lecture entitled “The World is Too Much for Me: Finding Private… Read more »

B.C. scraps distance learning

VICTORIA (CUP) — The B.C. Liberals have slashed a program that offers post-secondary education off campus. Over the next two years, all programs provided by the Open Learning Agency (OLA) will be discontinued or transferred to post-secondary institutions across the province. “These programs are primarily for students who might not meet the requirements for [university]… Read more »