Canada Is A Valuable Model for Peace, says Author Satya Das

NATION BOOSTER Author Satya Das says Canada needs to lead the international community by example. (Photo: Patrick Finlay) EDMONTON (CUP) — For the title of his new book about Canadian international leadership, Edmonton author Satya Das chose a phrase that isn’t so modestly Canadian: “?The Best Country: Why Canada Will Lead the Future.’ “It’s very… Read more »

State of the Plants

Biology professor Robert Holmberg reports on the latest in the Centre for Science – photo provided by The Insider With the help of Terra Birkigt, this summer we were able to do some maintenance on Athabasca University’s collection of preserved plants. We now have over 2,800 dried specimens that have been mounted, identified and catalogued…. Read more »

Fall Behind

It was the weekend before last when we became time travelers. It was easy. We didn’t need any ultra advanced technology, we needed neither the guidance nor assistance of Cronus to devour time for us”?nor did we require any other deity, and we didn’t need some artifact of recovered alien mechanics. All we needed was… Read more »

Nature Notes – From the Backyard to the Biosphere. Diversity and Belonging: The Field of Ethnobiology

Diversity and belonging: distinct, yet uniquely linked; two concepts of prime importance in an age of homogenization and rootlessness. Diversity: variation, polychromaticity, species of endless description, cultures with myriad ways of seeing and understanding the world, languages as diverse as the worldviews of those who speak them. Belonging: a sense of home, rootedness in place,… Read more »

DEAR SANDRA: The Advice Column

Hello Sandra, This is not your usual letter, as I am not writing in for myself but rather about my husband, who is an AU student. He is a very busy man, with a career in the military and we have two small sons. He’s got tons of hobbies and friends and he both works… Read more »

Abolishing the Penny

Whenever I go out around my neighbourhood I find myself picking up spare change. No, not one of those Need a Penny Take a Penny thingies. You see we don’t own a vehicle so I’m either walking or taking transit. I see the ground, and not the car in front of me. One of the… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation: Counting the Prison Vote, Changing the Way You Vote, and The Public Safety Act

Courting the Prison Vote The Supreme Court of Canada has abolished the law (see: that prevented federal prisoners from voting in federal elections. The details at elections Canada show that this only affects those prisoners who are serving less than two years in a federal penitentiary (see:, but still this seems like a… Read more »