Sixth Annual Online Learning Symposium Attracts Education Leaders from Across Canada

Edmonton… More than 650 educators from across Alberta and Canada will explore the latest advances and possibilities in virtual education at the sixth annual Online Learning Symposium, October 29 to 31 in Edmonton. This year’s theme, Utilizing Learning Objects in Educational Environments, reflects emerging online trends and technologies that support lifelong learning. “More and more… Read more »

Awards of Excellence

Dominique Abrioux announced that this year’s winners of the President’s Award for Tutoring/Mentoring Excellence are Dr. Izak Paul and Carol MacKinnon. Izak has been a Biology tutor for AU since 1986 and Carol has worked as an academic coach in the MBA program since 1995. Both are regularly, and vigorously, acclaimed by their students and… Read more »

AU Receives Top Funding

Once again AU is demonstrating its leadership in online learning. A project known as eduSource Canada has received $4.25 million in federal funding, with matching dollars supplied by the participating partners. This money will be distributed to a consortium of learning institutions and private sector partners that are advancing the development of e-learning technologies. Not… Read more »

Doing It Right

All Hallows Eve happens but once a year and some of us take the time to prepare for this magical evening. Others, however, find themselves rushing to create a costume on the afternoon of Halloween, or even worse, they give up entirely and miss out on one of the best nights of the year. That… Read more »

DEAR SANDRA – The Advice Column

Dear Sandra, Help! I am so stressed out. My moods lately have been like time bombs, nobody knows how I will react to something, myself included. Reading my textbooks is next to impossible, I read a paragraph four or five times over until it finally sinks in. It’s like having my period every day of… Read more »

Candida Isn’t Just a Song

Candida Albicans is, politely put, an epidemic of an intestinally based yeast infection. Before you men skip to the next article, first be aware that it affects 30% of the male population and is often sexually transmitted. Unfortunately, the numbers are a staggering 70% for females. I got educated about Candida the hard way…I had… Read more »

Book Review – The Privatization Putsch by Author Herschel Hardin

The late 1970s and 1980s saw privatization-frenzy among some western industrialized nations, most notably Britain and the United States. Canada”?never immune to ideological influences imported from our parent overseas and big brother to the south”?quickly jumped on the privatization bandwagon. Chanting the mantra “private enterprise is good, public enterprise is bad”, proponents of governmental divestiture… Read more »

Canadian Fed Watch! News Across The Nation: US Difficulties with Canadian Grain, The Cost of Canadian Health Care, and Chronic Wasting Disease on The Move.

Against the Grain Our closest neighbour and supposedly best friend internationally is at it again. The United States’ department of Commerce is once again beginning investigation into Canada’s trade practices (see: This time it is with how we trade wheat from Canada into the U.S. Never mind that this will be the tenth such… Read more »

From My Perspective – Post-Secondary Tuition (Part Three)

This is the third article in my series on post-secondary tuition. In previous articles I’ve discussed some of the issues faced by Alberta students and universities; including high tuition rates, student loan problems, and flawed government funding policies. These are issues that affect all of us, regardless of whether we live in Alberta or not…. Read more »