Free Health Benefits for Children in Low-income Families

The Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB) provides children in low-income families with free: · Dental care · Prescription drugs · Eyewear · Emergency ambulance services · Essential diabetic supplies More families are now eligible for coverage through the ACHB because of increased income eligibility levels, which took effect July 1, 2002. These income levels are… Read more »

Where Can I Buy Clean Clothes? A Maquila Solidarity Network Update. Contributed by The Community Networks Group

“Where can I buy clothes that aren’t made in sweatshops?” is probably the question we at MSN are asked most frequently, over e-mail, by phone and, quite often, in person. Especially during the holiday season. It’s a fair enough question, but to date there are no easy answers. Boycotting particular countries or brands doesn’t necessarily… Read more »

Striking From Another Point of View

The issue of striking teachers is not one untouched upon. Listening to the radio this afternoon, many were made aware that human beings can be the most ignorant species on the planet. A girl in grade nine phoned in to make known a rally she’d be involved in to protest the striking teachers. Her argument… Read more »

Designer Genes

In the last century, the human race has made stunning scientific advances. One of the newest, most controversial of these is genetic engineering. It is an awesome power, but one that humanity is not mature enough to possess. Morally and medically, human cloning is too risky, and the human race too prone to selfishness, for… Read more »

The “Super Size-it” Society FROM JUNE 5, 2002

Society’s ever-increasing need to “super size” everything is perpetuating greediness. Do we really need everything to be super sized? What was wrong with the old size? Who told the manufacturers to make everything bigger? The profit-driven companies of North America are making money from super sizing everything from fast food to vehicles to houses. If… Read more »

Falling. FROM JUNE 27, 2002

Do you know why gravity holds you to the earth? It is because you are falling towards the centre of the earth’s mass. It is actually a little more complex than that because the earth spins very quickly, and it also is falling around the sun. In turn, the sun itself spins, and it too… Read more »

Worth a Second Look – Turn off that television!

Television is a chewing gum for the eyes. -Frank Lloyd Wright April 22-28, 2002 marked the eighth annual TV-Turnoff Week. During this week, people are encouraged to turn off the television and do other activities. Recent studies point out that Canadians are more sedentary than ever. Health experts blame television, computers, parcel pickups and drive… Read more »

Dear Sandra FROM OCTOBER 23, 2002

Dear Sandra, I am in my second semester at AU and I love the courses and all my tutors. I decided to quit working full-time and devote myself entirely to school and this is where my problem comes in; I desperately miss having co-workers to interact with daily. Besides the minimal contact I have with… Read more »