MediaWatch announces worst portrayals of women

WINNIPEG (CUP) — A Canadian media watchdog group has published its annual report card on the best and worst advertising portrayals of women in 2001. MediaWatch, a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the representation of women and girls in the media, released its report March 8, to coincide with International Women’s Day. “This is… Read more »

Suicide Versus Acne

Suicide or acne? Which would you pick? It’s an easy choice for most people, but those who suffer from severe forms of acne, may choose the more extreme of the two: suicide. In fact, sixty-six people taking the acne drug Accutane have committed suicide, and 1,373 others reported psychiatric side effects. If this is how… Read more »

Thane Heins: Disciple of Truth

“My government is the world’s number one purveyor of violence.” Dr. Martin Luther King It is the privilege of this writer to have been assigned by our Editor to write an article introducing a new Columnist for The Voice. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Thane Heins, and wish him the best… Read more »


My family never had dogs while I was growing up and as an adult I felt that owning one would be more work than its worth. My wife Linda, on the other hand, grew up with various family dogs and has always been a dog-lover. It wasn’t long after we were living together that the… Read more »

Fed Watch!

BC’s Hike Beats Alberta’s Another province is starting to address the supply side of the health-care difficulties that Canada is going through. British Columbia has announced ( a program which will almost double the number of doctors that they graduate each year. The government is chipping in the $134 million that it will cost to… Read more »

Re: Teachers’ strike articles of January 23rd

Re Teachers strike articles of January 23rd Dear Editor, Once upon a time in a small kingdom far away, people lived in peace and harmony. Each had work to do in order that the kingdom might thrive. The efforts of the one supported the efforts of the other so that the needs of all were… Read more »