There is a problem that derives from a seemingly inherent dualism with respect to our thoughts about the divine. This paradox is generated by the tension between the contrary notions of immanence and transcendence. The immanent deity is the divine being or force, which manifests itself here in our world, and the transcendent deity is… Read more »

Jeepers Creepers:

Larry and I avoid horror films. You see, generally neither of us is riveted by being scared silly. Okay, sure, there are a few classics we admire and watch, say ALIEN for instance. That was until I was flipping through the cable line-up for the month. Something took my eye in the write up for… Read more »

Fed Watch!

Fun With Fees It’s that time of year again. Statistics Canada has released their annual look at University Tuition Fees (SEE: The bottom line results are that, over all, post-secondary tuition fees in Canada rose 4.1% over the last year. This is more than twice what the general inflation rate was over the same… Read more »

From My Perspective

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned a great deal about addictive substances and addictions. It is a complex and multi-dimensional topic, and people hold many misconceptions about not only the process of addiction, but about the types of people who are addicts. Many people see addiction as a weakness, a character flaw in a… Read more »

Back To School Blues?

For most students, September marks the beginning of a new school year. Not so for those at AU, however. Because our school is not run on a semester system, and because courses can be started on the first of any month, many of us are taking courses year round, or, if we do take breaks,… Read more »

A Bug In Your Ear

Hello, everyone! I wanted to take the time to point out a few of the new Voice features I have been receiving some questions about. The new format is easy to navigate, far more visually appealing, and has some incredible new and useful characteristics. · SUBSCRIBING: On the bottom of the cover page of the… Read more »

Healthy Cities, People & Communities. An Urban Environmental Issues Workshop. Contributed By The Community Networks Group

INFOLINE: Nicholas Cornell @ 780.423.3264 Wednesday August 21 At: City Hall in the Heritage Room, 7-9pm Discuss visions of your community with others & hear about urban environmental and city planning issues in Edmonton. Presenters will be speaking about actual projects occurring in the Edmonton community. Topics include: · Public transportation and bicycle racks on… Read more »

AUSU Council News – SPRING UPDATE. Contributed by AUSU

The last few months have been very busy for Council members. The new group of 9 councillors met for the first time on March 16, and a variety of projects have been ongoing since then. Some of the highlights of the last few months: · New Council spent two days attending a board development workshop… Read more »

Notice to AU graduate students and those considering entering graduate studies at AU:

Athabasca University Students’ Union is in the process of establishing an AU Graduate Students’ Association. Here’s a sampling of benefits of belonging to a Graduate Students’ Association: · Graduate student representation on University Committees · University and government advocacy and lobbying · Affiliation with provincial and national graduate students’ organizations · Assistance with university/student dispute… Read more »