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THE VOICE: 1993 – 2003 10 YEARS AS YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER THIS WEEK The Voice introduces a new fiction writer, Carolyn Vaughan. Read part one of her dark tale about an overworked nurse kept too long on the night shift, then read more about Carolyn in AU Profiles. If you would like to be featured… Read more »

New student concerned about student funding

Dear Voice Editor, I was delighted to read the editorial in The Voice, Vol 11 Issue 19 ( re: student finances. It was informative and I hold strong feelings about this, being a grandmother and a brand new AU student (just today). I don’t even have the materials for my Course NURS 438 – I… Read more »

More advice on how to email your tutor…

Nimra brings up some excellent points that I’d like to build upon (Nimra’s letter can be found here: Tutors often teach more than one course, and if you’re a student in any of the AU Admin or Management programs, you’re likely sending your course questions and assignments to the Call Centre, which oversees many… Read more »

Science, Chemistry, Research, and AU Students

This last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an unusual conference. Unusual for me, since most of the conferences I attend are sponsored by groups addressing general education issues. This weekend, however, I attended the 17th Annual Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan. Although it did not contain the word ?education? in… Read more »

AUSU VP External Elected CAUS Chair

The Voice congratulates AUSU VP External Shirley Barg, who was recently elected Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students [CAUS]. AUSU has been a member of CAUS since 1993, and Shirley has been on the CAUS board since 2001. She is the first representative of AUSU to hold the position of CAUS chair. CAUS… Read more »

Tutor Credentials

Hi Tamra: I have suggestion regarding AU tutors and I will also give you a background for why I am asking this. I have recently registered in my 3rd AU course and as usual I received a welcome letter from my tutor. What I found different in that letter was, she not only welcomed me… Read more »

Free Classifieds For AU Students

CLASSIFIED SPACE: Students of AU may print classifieds in The Voice free of charge (maximum three per issue) as long as they are not representing a company or product. Ads can be up to 60 words in length and may include a photo. Use The Voice classified space to sell or buy, research or find…. Read more »

Are You Graduating This June?

I want to feature graduating AU students for the profiles section in May and June. If you are graduating this year, write to me and I will send you a profile form to fill out or we can arrange for a more in-depth interview. Remember how hard it was when you started at distance education?… Read more »

Conference Connections

CONTRIBUTED BY AU’S THE INSIDER CU Expo – Community-University Institute for Social Research – “Partnerships, Policy & Progress” – May 8-10, 2003, Saskatoon, SK. Details: Distance Education Technology Symposium (DETS-03) – sponsored by the Centre for Distance Education – May 15-17, 2003 – Edmonton, Crowne Plaza Chateau Lacombe. Details: or contact Pat Fahy… Read more »