The Future of Technology

What will the future hold? No one is sure about anything, but I am pretty sure that, unless we get attacked with an EMP weapon, technology will play a very important role.  From online schooling and exams, to connecting with doctors and controlling your appliances, technology shapes our society. Currently, we’re using technology to do… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—DIY Asian Dumplings from Scratch

For many of my close friends, the first item ordered from the appetizer menu is gyoza, or dumplings.  These delicious morsels of filling wrapped in a thin dough are one of my favorite items to make for a family dinner.  Ever wondered how to make authentic Asian dumplings in your own kitchen? Look no further,… Read more »

The Study Dude—Make Memorization Part of Your Higher Calling

Whenever I read study tips, I long to start a new degree program.   I feel this deep, immortal craving, like a voice beyond human perceptibility pleading—almost toying—with me, offering the promise of a greater purpose. Rest assured.  Your education is part of a higher calling.  Some academic fields lead to rich spiritual service: ones such… Read more »

Course Exam—ASTR205

ASTR 205 (Universe—The Ultimate Frontier) is a three-credit introductory astronomy and astrophysics course that describes the universe as we now understand it, explains how our current understanding came about, and shows how the scientific method forms the basis for both the tools and the theories of astronomy. This course has no prerequisites and has a… Read more »

Dear Barb—In Defense of Marriage

Dear Barb: My husband and I have been married 15 years and we keep having this recurring problem. He is from a big loving, close family. I have always felt like an outsider with my in-laws but I’m not sure they do it on purpose.  What really drives me crazy is when my in-laws are… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Karen Fletcher

Karen Fletcher lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and three young children.  She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program with a Major in Mathematics at Athabasca University.  She hopes to complete a masters and a PhD and to eventually work as a university professor teaching mathematics.  This is her story. Can… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—T’aint No Sin

I’m writing this late on a Saturday morning, drinking Irish coffee, still dressed in my fake-silk chinoiserie bathrobe, the one that’s decorated with orchids and small blue dragons.  It’s a cloudy day, but every now and then the clouds part, and sunlight comes pouring through my window, like the visual equivalent of condensed milk flowing… Read more »