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Council Connection – August 9, 2016

The AUSU Council meeting for August 9, 2016, was supposed to be two-hours long, however, it went on to be over three-hours. Despite being a very lengthy meeting, it was productive and interesting. It went beyond the normal two-hour period because there were no Council meetings in July due to various holidays making it harder… Read more »

Council Connection

On June 26th at 10:00am, council held its in-person meeting in Edmonton, but members were also allowed to join via teleconference. The meeting was called by President Wasylyshyn. Five councillors attended in person, and one by teleconference, but there were three Councillors who were absent including Philip Kirkbride, Dixie Tolver, and Josh Cross. The meeting… Read more »

Council Connection

This week, the council meeting started off with a couple of audio complications. At the beginning of the meeting, some members (myself included) faced a lagging audio connection, but the Council once again handled it immediately. Following an update on the action plan, the discussion proceeded to the upcoming June council retreat in Edmonton. The… Read more »