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Alek Golijanin

Alek Golijanin is an Athabasca University alum. He has represented Athabasca University at a number of competitions both at the Provincial and International level. Alek’s articles revolve around his passion for learning and innovation, as he summarizes research and presents it in ways that compels readers and continues the tradition of life-long learning.

Alek considers himself a gentleman first, a scholar second, and a combat sports fanatic third. In that order.

Wanted: Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine

If you or someone you know has seen or knows the whereabouts of Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine it is important that you come forward with that information.  Not. Now, I have a feeling that most people are as unfamiliar with “not jokes” as they are with Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, and while “not… Read more »

The Commercial Downfall of Cryptocurrency.

On January 3rd, 2009, something known as Bitcoin came to be.  Back then, nobody outside of the gaming or pc community knew what this weird digital coin was, nor could they wrap their head around how it worked.  If you wanted to get your hands on some Bitcoin you could buy it through this service… Read more »

Respect… a Forgotten Art

What is respect? Try to define what “respect” means without using a quote or analogy and you are likely to realize just how fuzzy this word really is.  Depending on who is answering the question, sometimes there may be stipulations to respect and the application of it, and that is why respect is a forgotten… Read more »

Cybersecurity—Staying Safe in a Digital World

What exactly is cybersecurity? How do I stay safe while using the internet? These are two questions that are likely to be on many people’s minds.  Although more people are familiar with the basics of staying safe on the internet, a lot has changed since the early 2000s.  There are more sophisticated ways for cyber… Read more »

The Multi-Billion Dollar House of Cards

How many people are old enough to remember when YouTube was first launched back in 2005? The creators behind YouTube were three friends who had worked together at PayPal. Sometime after PayPal was acquired by eBay, the group of friends concluded that ordinary people would enjoy sharing their personal videos and making them available for… Read more »

Living in A Post-Covid-19 World

The next time you go somewhere, pay attention how people react when they hear someone cough.  A cough is almost guaranteed to turn heads and push people away.  The only thing worse than hearing someone cough is crossing paths with a person that decides to open mouth cough directly in front of you.  Well, at… Read more »

The Future of Democracy

Our ascent into the 22nd century has some 70 more years to go.  The path we have been travelling thus far has been a turbulent one and there is no reason to believe that those conditions will change any time soon.  If we continue on this trajectory, the ship that we all fly on, the… Read more »

For the Love of Science

It appears that the days where science was a great uniter are fading. The latest scientific dispute is centered around new research ethics embraced by an international scientific journal of science. That scientific journal is Nature, one of the more recognized multidisciplinary science journals which brands itself by claiming to publish the finest peer-reviewed research… Read more »

The Best Our Society Has To Offer

Sometimes all it takes is driving a family member to the hospital to be reminded that our healthcare system is reflective of the best our society has to offer.  What a person experiences during their time at the hospital reflects people, across all lines of difference, working toward a common goal: caring for people until… Read more »

PTSD and the Menstrual Cycle

Menopause can be a difficult health challenge for women.  It’s when the women’s menstrual cycle—how the body prepares women for pregnancy—has essentially stopped for 12 months and not produced a menstrual period.  The cycle itself repeats about every 28 days and continues until menopause at a certain age, usually when the woman is above the… Read more »