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Alek Golijanin

Alek Golijanin is a fourth-year business student at Athabasca University, holding an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (Human Resources) from Algonquin College. He has represented Athabasca University at a number of competitions both at the Provincial and International level. He hopes to leverage his passion for learning and reading research papers, by summarizing research and presenting it in ways that compels readers and continues the tradition of life-long learning. He is an avid community builder and has participated in international development projects which focused on underprivileged communities across South America and the Caribbean.

Alek considers himself a gentleman first, a scholar second, and a combat sports fanatic third. In that order.

Change Your Genes—Epigenetics in Action

In elementary school I was taught that we are stuck with the genes we are born with.  Since that time, science breakthroughs indicate that my elementary school science teachers may have been wrong and that we have more control over our genes then we were led to believe. This new branch of genetics is called… Read more »

The Importance of Star Teachers

For children who attend urban schools, especially those living in poverty and those that come from diverse cultural backgrounds, having an effective teacher can be a matter of life and death.  These children often have no life options for achieving decent lives other than by experiencing success in school.  These are the high stakes involved… Read more »

Interleaving—Performance Enhanced Learning

‘Performance-enhancing’ is a term synonymous with cheating, but a recent Athabasca University study focusing on boosting student retention in classrooms indicates that there is a new approach to learning which might truly enhance performance.  This approach is called “interleaving”, and it allows for students to better retain and recall information weeks, months, and even years… Read more »