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Alek Golijanin

Alek Golijanin is an Athabasca University alum. He has represented Athabasca University at a number of competitions both at the Provincial and International level. Alek’s articles revolve around his passion for learning and innovation, as he summarizes research and presents it in ways that compels readers and continues the tradition of life-long learning, and some of the articles are even inspired by investigative journalism shows like CTV’s W5, CBC’s The Fifth Estate and Marketplace, and CBS’ 60 Minutes.

“Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. 1858.

Intelligence Quotients – Empty Numbers That Wow

Intelligence quotients (IQ) are thought to be one of the best methods for identifying gifted children and it is a number that some mainstream adults have paraded when trying to quantify their smarts.  An IQ is defined a number that is used to indicate an apparent level of intelligence of a person.  Prior to their… Read more »

Understanding “Gangs”—Grooming versus Radicalization

The words grooming and radicalization are two important terms when it comes to attempting to understand why youth end up going down a dangerous life path after they join gangs. Grooming is defined as building trust or emotional connections with another person to exploit them, while radicalization is defined as the process through which a… Read more »

The Art of De-escalation

Imagine a world where people were as capable and eager of de-escalating situations as they are taking out their phones to film conflict—hoping their video will go viral.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has been flooded with these viral videos where people are acting out upon each other, much to the amusement of the… Read more »

Athletes that Throw it All Away

The sports world is filled with rags to riches stories of youth that grew up in low socio-economic backgrounds and became millionaires overnight.  All their hardships are gone once they sign that million-dollar contract, or at least that is what many people watching these athletes believe.  The thought process behind this viewpoint is that money… Read more »

The Battle for Habitat Conservation

The development of land for both individual and commercial uses is often inevitable due to growing populations and so that companies can access valuable resources.  In the late 1800s and throughout much of the 1900s it was not uncommon to see factories dispose of their waste downstream or wherever it was most convenient.  The results… Read more »

Domestic Abuse—How Can We Do More For Victims?

As we exit out of the chaos that was created by COVID-19 and return to normal life, there are elements of society that have come to light and that we will need to refocus on moving forward. The past few years brought significant attention to the historical struggles of women in the workplace and home… Read more »

The Art of Living Together

Humans sit atop the food chain due to our cognitive capabilities and our advanced ability to communicate with one another.  With everything we know about the cognitive and communication sciences, it might lead some to assume that non-domesticated cross-species collaboration is impossible.  It should not be possible for birds and crocodiles or spiders and frogs… Read more »

Cloud Computing—A High Paying Career without Post-Secondary?

Technology has changed the way the global workforce looks and operates.  It has been decades since we last saw high school graduates find good paying jobs immediately after their high school graduation.  However, big tech is now also threatening to change the traditional learning path for high school graduates which has the potential to have… Read more »

The Digital Evolution of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as a crime that involves recruiting and exploiting individuals by means of force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of commercial sex, labor, or services.  After drugs and the arms trade, human trafficking is the third most profitable business for organized crime.  While the act of trafficking a person has not… Read more »