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Antonio Messam

Antonio Messam is currently completing his Bachelor of Management at Athabasca University and is a full time Management Consultant for multiple companies. His adventure started when he unfortunately became homeless at the age of 18. He ate a few meals a week and did not have many places to sleep comfortably. Two years later Antonio realized that he needed to acquire multiple new skills in order to change his life

The first skill that he developed was learning how to dance, after years of hard work he had the opportunity to perform for stars Ariana Grande, Jason Derulo and Simone Denny. The second skill was fitness, he was celebrated in Alberta’s YEG Fitness Magazine, for his innovative workout style. Afterwards Antonio decided to build a stronger name for himself by building his skills in sales, marketing and leadership. By utilizing all these skills of his past he has helped Dental Offices, Charities and other establishments increase their revenue, and business security.

Antonio’s current hobbies are learning how to read, write and speak Chinese, and listening to audio books