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Fiction Feature – On Being

On Being Born a girl, blonde curly locks Playing Barbies Dressing, undressing, pretending Riding bicycles, skating, swimming School! Making friends, choosing favorites Passing, failing Speeches, exams Graduation! High school Make-up, clothes, dances, boys Boys in cars, touching, curfews Rebelling, I hate you! Crying, winning, losing, hurting, betrayal Passing, failing Speeches, exams Graduation! College Money, cars,… Read more »

Women You Should Know – Clare Boothe Luce

Clare Boothe Luce 1903-1987 Clare Boothe was born in New York City on April 10, 1903. She grew up wanting to be an actress, but eventually lost interest. Throughout her life, Clare excelled equally in many careers, such as editor, playwright, politician, journalist and diplomat. In 1930 she became editorial assistant of Vogue Magazine, and… Read more »

Women You Should Know – Carrie Derick

Carrie Matilda Derick 1862 -1941. Born in Clarenceville Quebec Canada, Carrie Derick was a geneticist who became world renowned for her studies on heredity. She was also a crusader for women’s rights and openly supported birth control at a time when it was illegal in Canada. Derick received her B.A. in 1890 and her Master’s… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

Incest A continual pain Tugs at the soul Begging to be recognized Begging to be healed. Divorce I watch their innocent eyes Filled with confusion. How could I break their hearts And mend them again? Should I give them hope Or give them truth? Should I tell them he loved them But couldn’t cope? Should… Read more »

Fiction Feature – Poetry by…

A Loyal Companion The pain in my heart Must remain in my heart For it if were known How my eyes fill with tears At the mention of your name No one would understand. My days are quieter now Your voice silenced from the world As now it only lives within my heart If others… Read more »

Our Trip to Branson Missouri

My husband and I decided to go on a road trip this year for our twentieth anniversary. We wanted to do something we would remember. We’d been to the Canadian east coast and didn’t want to go to the west coast, so where could we go? I always wanted to go to Memphis, to see… Read more »

Remembering a Less Than Pefect Mother

May 10, 1979, it sees like yesterday, yet it seems like a lifetime ago. I guess it’s both. That was the day I said goodbye to my mother for the last time. I always refer to her as my mother, not mom. I guess because she was a mother to me, not a mom. Mom’s… Read more »

My New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s day is traditionally seen as a new beginning, giving us an opportunity to change bad habits or to improve our lifestyle. For example, we can aim to overcome shyness, become more assertive – ask for that raise, become more social, more tolerant of others, less judgmental, any number of choices are available to… Read more »

Nifty Fifty … Maybe

Barbara Godin’s first Voice contribution, published August 13, 2003 [v11 i33], reflected the perspective of many mature students who have found new reasons to love learning, and embrace that time of life when once again, life’s goals can be all about you. As I reluctantly approached my fiftieth birthday I wondered if turning fifty would… Read more »

What Does Christmas Mean Anyway?

As the yearly shopping frenzy begins, I wonder what it all means. Traditional Christmas movies, for the most part, seem to carry the underlying message that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. However, the shopping centers certainly don’t seem to share this sentiment, but rather are screaming buy this! buy that! buy… Read more »