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Barbara Lehtiniemi

Barbara Lehtiniemi is a writer and photographer from Ontario. She’s a graduate of Athabasca University, having completed her Bachelor of General Studies degree in 2018.

A regular contributor to The Voice Magazine since 2013, Barbara is an occasional contributor to other publications including Maclean’s and MC2. Barbara writes in several genres, including non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. She’s grateful to The Voice Magazine for providing the opportunity to explore an array of topics and writing styles, and she remains dreadfully sorry for those awful haikus.

Barbara has a fondness for travel, used bookstores, everyday absurdities, and oversized wine glasses. Originally from urban Southwestern Ontario, she now lives on a windswept rural road in Eastern Ontario with her indulgent and supportive husband, Leo.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter @theregoesbarb, or contact her at

Free at Last? – Why We Still Need to Talk about Slavery

On August 23, UNESCO marks the sombre “International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition.” The Slave Trade referred to in UNESCO’s proclamation is the so-called Atlantic slave trade, in which more than 12 million men, women, and children were wrenched from their homes in Africa to toil in the fields… Read more »

It’s Official – You Need to Relax

Good news for all you hardworking students: today is “National Relaxation Day!” I don’t know who designated August 15 as a day of relaxation, but I’m not going to argue. I found NRD on two websites* so it must be true. Too often we view the act of relaxation as that ideal state we’ll arrive… Read more »

Enliven Your Mind – Choose Courses that Feed your Brain

The signs are everywhere. It’s getting harder to ignore. Summer is half over. August has begun, the birds are preparing for their fall migration, and the stores are bulging with back-to-school supplies. The deadline to register for AU courses for September is only days away. Are you ready? It’s time to put down the daiquiri,… Read more »

Unlimited Engagement

Do you know what’s going on? If you don’t, how do you find out? Many people wait until someone tells them or until they read it in the papers. Getting news second hand is limited engagement. I recently attended three council meetings in eight days. One, the AUSU monthly council meeting, was via telephone. At… Read more »

Learning to Like the Centre of the Universe

I don’t know how the rest of Canada views Ontario, but I have an idea how the rest of Ontario views Toronto. We refer to Toronto as the “Centre of the Universe.” This is not meant kindly. Torontonians, to many of those beyond the fringe of the GTA, are self-important and Toronto-centric. The world revolves… Read more »

Transfer Credit Treasure – It’s Worth Digging For, II

Last week’s article reviewed where AU has buried information about undergraduate transfer credits on their website. Like many university websites, finding the information you need takes a bit of digging, but It’s (usually) all there. In the case of transfer credits, the effort is worth it if you think you have even one course that… Read more »