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Barbara Lehtiniemi

Barbara Lehtiniemi is a writer and photographer from Ontario. She’s a graduate of Athabasca University, having completed her Bachelor of General Studies degree in 2018.

A regular contributor to The Voice Magazine since 2013, Barbara is an occasional contributor to other publications including Maclean’s and MC2. Barbara writes in several genres, including non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. She’s grateful to The Voice Magazine for providing the opportunity to explore an array of topics and writing styles, and she remains dreadfully sorry for those awful haikus.

Barbara has a fondness for travel, used bookstores, everyday absurdities, and oversized wine glasses. Originally from urban Southwestern Ontario, she now lives on a windswept rural road in Eastern Ontario with her indulgent and supportive husband, Leo.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter @theregoesbarb, or contact her at

Getting Laid

I need help “getting” laid. Seriously, the past tense of “lie” and “lay” have always baffled me. I just don’t get it. Every time I use one of these troublesome verbs, I have to look it up. Christina Frey, in her Writer’s Toolbox article in The Voice Magazine last November, covered this very topic. The… Read more »

Summer Brain Gain

What is your brain doing this summer? While many students continue their studies through the summer, others follow the traditional school year and take the summer off. And why not? Summer is an inviting time to get outdoors and away from studies for while. A summer break need not be an all-or-nothing concept. For students… Read more »

Why I Write for The Voice (And You Should, Too)

Have you ever committed yourself to a course of action in order to force yourself to take on a challenge? Last year, I e-mailed the then-new editor of The Voice Magazine and said I’d like to write for the magazine. I pressed “send” quickly, before I could manufacture reasons why not to. Six months and… Read more »

It’s All Geek to Me

If You’re a geek, you probably already know that May 25 is “Geek Pride Day.” This is the day for geeks worldwide to come out of their bedrooms and demonstrate pride in their geekiness. I’m not a geek (not that there’s anything wrong with being geek) but I have friends who are geeks. If you… Read more »

Tricks for Tuition

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of .. a dinner companion? According to this recent CBC News article, rich men and women are available to take young students out to dinner. That’s right, students can dine like royalty and get paid for… Read more »

Inspiration from Outside the Box

David Suzuki can’t tell me what to do. His foundation is promoting its third annual “30×30 Challenge” this month. The challenge is a call to action for individuals to spend 30 minutes in nature for 30 days. Whether It’s a local park, a nature trail, a beach, or a backyard, the point is to get… Read more »

Lost in the Mail

What do you do if your exam is lost in the mail? The relief I feel after writing an exam is tempered by anxiety. It’s a long journey by post from Ontario to Athabasca in Alberta. What if my exam gets lost? A lost exam is probably rare but must occasionally happen. As a university… Read more »

Random Reading

Could you let someone else select the books you read? According to a recent article in Maclean’s magazine, some customers of a Toronto bookstore are doing just that. Last year, the “Monkey’s Paw” second-hand bookstore installed a machine that dispenses random books for $2 each. Clearly intended to move less-worthy stock, customers nevertheless are enjoying… Read more »

Mind Mapping your way to Better Grades

If You’re already using colour and shapes in your note-taking, you may be ready for the next level: mind mapping. Mind mapping is a highly visual method of keeping notes and thoughts organized. Particularly useful for students, mind mapping techniques brings your study notes to life. Mind maps are powerful memory aids incorporating the whole-brain… Read more »

Thinking in Colour

If you wrote 50 items on your grocery list but then forgot to bring the list with you, how many items would you remember? What if you had 200 items? Or thousands? Students? study notes sometimes resemble grocery lists?bulleted lists of jotted words and phrases. Students pore over pages of such notes, willing their mind… Read more »