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AU Options – NUTR 331 – Nutrition for Health

NUTR 331: Nutrition for Health is a senior-level science course that ?introduces nutritional concepts and covers the most common nutrition-related conditions.? Nutrition for Health is the best of AU’s NUTR classes for ?a student who only plans to take one nutrition course,? as well as for students who may have a more ?limited science background.?… Read more »

Around eCampus – Linda McCloud-Bondoc

Linda McCloud-Bondoc is the Academic Coordinator in charge of overseeing AU’s Write Site. As such, she supervises ?the entire range of Write Site services, which includes writing assessments, writing coaching, and selection and updating of online resources.? She is also ?responsible for collaborating with other departments at AU to develop appropriate writing resources and standards… Read more »

AU Tech – Twitter

John O?Brien has served as Manager, Media Relations for AU for the past two years. O?Brien is currently investigating the potential uses AU could make of the social networking site Twitter. ?Twitter is a social networking or microblogging site that allows users to post short messages of up to 140 characters, including links to URLs,?… Read more »

Around eCampus – Cindy Kilborn

Cindy Kilborn spent 22 years as the Administrative Manager of a large Edmonton law firm before retiring in 1991. After moving to Baptiste Lake and ?spending a couple of years being ?retired,?? however, Kilborn decided that she ?much preferred working? and joined AU as the Manager of Learning Services Tutorial in 1996. In January of… Read more »

AU Tech – Second Life

Gunnar Schwede is a Systems Analyst with AU’s School of Business, and has played a major role in the development of a virtual AU Island in Second Life. Schwede recently took the time to discuss his efforts, and explain just how this work could benefit students. ?Second Life (SL) is a virtual world developed by… Read more »

AU Options – SOAN 384 – The Family in World Perspective

SOAN 384: The Family in World Perspective is a three-credit social science course that provides students with a ?wealth of information? about ?various family systems in international and multicultural contexts.? AU student Debbie Hamilton decided to register in this course not only to ?fulfill an elective requirement,? but also because she ?thought that it would… Read more »

On Assault (as Committed by a Two-Year-Old)

This feature originally appeared May 15, 2009, in issue 1719. In all my time spent as a childcare worker, I had never received a parent complaint about my performance. Not until near the end of my childcare career, that is, when the father of a child in my care lodged a complaint against both my… Read more »

AU Options – Master of Arts-Integrated Studies

This article originally appeared October 23, 2009, in issue 1740. Athabasca University’s Master of Arts – Integrated Studies (MAIS) degree offers ?a unique opportunity to engage in a program of study that spans the arts, humanities, and social sciences,? and allows students to design their own learning plan which is ?comprehensive in scope but specific… Read more »

AU Options – RELS 204 – Introduction to World Religions

While AU doesn’t offer a broad range of religious studies classes, both students and staff agree that the one introductory class offered, RELS 204: Introduction to World Religions, is a course that merits the consideration of all students, regardless of their program or personal beliefs. Gary Drainville, a University of Manitoba student currently nearing completion… Read more »

Around eCampus – Thomas Oates

Students who have written weekday exams at the Edmonton Learning Centre will no doubt remember the friendly face of Thomas Oates. Oates is an Examination Assistant with AU and works out of the Peace Hills Trust Tower. In this role, he schedules and invigilates exams for AU students in and around the Edmonton area. Oates… Read more »