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Minority Government

In less than two weeks we will know who will form the next Canadian government, maybe. If we are to believe the polls in the national media, we could very well be headed for a minority government. The jury’s still out on whether it will be a Liberal or Conservative minority. The national leaders debate… Read more »

Getting all lit up for Christmas

There is a rite-of-passage that we must go through at this time of year. It is a time-honoured tradition whereby we risk life, limb, and sanity all in the name of good cheer. Hanging up Christmas lights. I just hope it was Santa Claus or someone like that who came up with the idea of… Read more »

Old Dog Might Just Learn Some New Tricks

My apologies to all the young children who were shopping for back-to-school supplies earlier this year. I probably bowled some of them over as I searched out school supplies of my own. Thank goodness for the local ElderCollege because at least I won’t be the oldest student in town. Yes, I’ve decided to further my… Read more »