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Brittany Daigle

My name is Brittany Daigle, I am 24 years old and I currently live in Kitchener, Ontario with my boyfriend William, my beagle Ziggs, and my Maine Coon cat Gandalf the White. I enrolled at Athabasca University in late 2016 and I am currently in my second year in the Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology program.
In 2013 I graduated from Riverview High School, which is located in my hometown Riverview, New Brunswick, and I attended Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia for Neuroscience for one year before deciding that their classroom structure was not what I was looking for. After a few years of trying to find a program and a university that fit my lifestyle, I found Athabasca University and have never looked back!
When I enrolled at AU, I made it a priority to become involved. In March of 2018 I was elected as an AUSU Council Member and I was elected into the Members Engagement and Communications Committee. Also, in April of 2019 I was elected as the Chair of the Awards Committee and in May of 2019 I was elected as the Vice President Finance and Administration, which as a result placed me as the Chair of the Finance Committee. I am so excited to have a voice in all three committees!
I have also been a consistent weekly writer for The Voice Magazine since November of 2017. My Course Exam column has me interviewing course coordinators, tutors, and students on different courses offered at AU to give other students the opportunity to gain some insight into courses prior to enrolling. Furthermore, my Minds We Meet column has me interviewing students who are attending AU to showcase who they are, where they are from, what their university experience has been like, and to provide a means for other students to connect with them in hopes to eliminate the feeling of isolation that comes from distance education.
When my face isn’t buried in textbooks, work, or articles, I enjoy reading, travelling with my boyfriend, nerding out playing Magic the Gathering or League of Legends, taking Ziggs to the dog park, watching YouTube’s beauty community, and sleeping!
Hope you enjoy the read!

Course Exam—Math 366

MATH 366 (Complex Variables I) is a three-credit, upper-level mathematics course that is an introductory complex variable course covering complex numbers, complex variable functions, continuity, limits, derivatives, transcendental functions, integration on the complex plane, infinite series with complex variables, and the residue theorem with some of its applications.  MATH 366 requires students to take MATH… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Donna Canfield

Donna Canfield hops between BC and Alberta while taking her studies.  She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of General Studies program and hopes to eventually be a police officer, a SWAT team agent, or an DEA agent.  This is her story. Can you give us a little bit of background information about yourself? Who… Read more »

Course Exam—PSYC 435

PSYC 435 (Abnormal Psychology) is a three-credit, upper-level psychology course that examines human behaviors and mental phenomena that diverge widely from the normal. This course has no prerequisites, however, PSYC 289 (Psychology as a Natural Science), PSYC 290 (General Psychology), and PSYC 356 (Introduction to Personality Theories and Issues) are strongly recommended. If you are… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Erin Dietrich

Erin Dietrich, from Stratford Ontario, is 26 years old and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Services program. Eventually, she plans to enrol into a master’s in social work! This is her story. Can you give us a little bit of background information about yourself? My name is Erin, I… Read more »

Course Exam—EDPY/PSYC 470

EDPY 470 / PSYC 470 (Consultation and Collaboration for Students with Special Needs) is a three-credit, senior level course that is designed to increase awareness of the framework and rationale for collaboration, the facilitating factors involved, and  of strategies for implementation.  The main emphasis of the course is on understanding collaborative consultation as a process… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Briana Evans

In Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Briana Evans lives with her two children and takes her Bachelor of Health Administration courses. She hopes to eventually get a job in hospital management and get a master’s degree.  This is her story. Could you provide us with a little bit of background information about yourself? Who are you? Where… Read more »

Course Exam—ECON 248

ECON 248 (Macroeconomics) is a three-credit course that provides a basic introduction to the entire discipline of economics.  The study of macroeconomics, microeconomics, or both can help students understand our society better.  While microeconomics deals with individual decision makers in households, firms, and governments, macroeconomics deals with aggregates.  ECON 248 looks at economy-wide variables, such… Read more »

Minds we Meet—Interviewing Alekzandrah Sparks

Alekzandrah Sparks currently lives on a farm in Vancouver Island and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Human Health major at Athabasca University with a goal of going to medical school and she secretly wants at least three PhD’s.  This is her story. Can you give us a little bit of background information… Read more »

Course Exam—ACCT 250

ACCT 250 (Accounting for Managers) is a three-credit introductory accounting course that focuses primarily on how to provide managers with the management information they need for making informed decisions and introduces the role accounting plays in providing reports to external bodies, such as the federal government, banks, and other lenders of money.  ACCT 250 emphasizes… Read more »

Minds we Meet—Interviewing Katherine Huston

Katherine Huston is twenty-eight years old currently living in Calgary, Alberta.  She is enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, English Major program and plans to eventually apply to Law School.  This is her story. Hey! Could you give us a little bit of information about yourself? Who are you? Where do you live, where do… Read more »