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Some Confusing Buzzwords Interpreted

Recession: Years of grasping and unbridled, gravy-sucking greed are finally making a slight dent in our unconscionable profits. On the plus side, It’s another good excuse to gut education, health care, and the arts. Human Capital: The talents, abilities, and (of course, above all) work potential of the grimy, unruly masses. It is this intrinsic… Read more »

The Price

In case it has escaped your attention, there is an ever-increasing clampdown on rights and freedoms that is being touted as necessary in order to safeguard us all against malevolent terrorist plots against our lives. Don’t get me wrong — I fully understand how urgently we need the protection of a full-blown police state. After… Read more »

In Praise of Sloth

So many things are in the eye of the beholder. There are some among the more judgmental of my acquaintances who might be heard to argue that I am a lazy sort of man. They might point, for instance, to the overgrown grass and weeds that reach up to my bum as I spend numerous… Read more »

How to Choose a Dentist

Many times in the course of writing my periodic columns for this illustrious publication, I have been contacted by readers with a variety of intriguing questions. Sometimes, these questions are of an open-ended, philosophical bent, such as “Do you get paid for this?” and “Why does your writing suck so hard?” At other times, the… Read more »

On the Path to Enlightenment: Living in the Moment

One of the things I learned last weekend from my extensive study of Buddhism and other forms of Eastern spirituality is that there is a real tendency in our Western outlook on life to constantly be living in the past and in the future, rather than “in the moment.” Personally, I think it is difficult… Read more »

The Flip Side of Puritan

There are certain things that I once enjoyed, but could now happily go through the rest of my life without ever having to experience again. This steadily lengthening list includes dill pickle flavoured potato chips, watching Friday the 13th films while ripped on acid, karaoke fuelled by peppermint-schnapps, listening to Foghat’s Slow Ride while making… Read more »

When Health Food Goes Too Far

Anybody who knows me will tell you that if there is anything more amazing than my modesty, it is my profound sense of personal wellness. In fact, there is nothing I am more committed to than a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. I am, in fact, somewhat of a guru in this area, being the very first… Read more »

Etiquette for the Healthy

As my loyal readers know, it has been some time since I’ve penned anything for this worthy magazine. I do wish to apologize for the agonizing wait that you have no doubt anxiously, but stoically, endured. In fact, it has taken me some time to recover from a rather nasty trauma that I experienced several… Read more »

Straight From the Heart

Recently, I placed a sizeable wager with Wayne Gretzky against the Men’s hockey team in Turin. One thing that my recent financial good fortune taught me is that in this crazy, mixed-up world in which we live, our priorities can sometimes become quite screwed-up. Caught-up like mindless automatons in the race for shallow material rewards,… Read more »