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Brave New World

Okay, I am officially sick and tired of all those belly-aching whiners out there who go on and on about how shallow and trivial our society is becoming. I hear it all the time: burned-out hippies and irritating tree huggers prattling on about how bad globalization is, how our lives are being taken over by… Read more »

My Hero Clint

It was great seeing my hero Clint Eastwood accept the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director the other night. I have been an enormous fan of his work since the days of Hang ‘Em High and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Thinking about this, I realize that this idol worship is perhaps… Read more »

Barbecue Wars

It’s one of those Saturday afternoons when I just don’t have the ambitious drive it takes to flip through the really exhausting number of television channels out there to find something good to watch. So I’m spending my time watching a DVD special feature instead – a profoundly interesting interview with the caterer from Lord… Read more »

Avoiding the Grind

Well, the holiday season and that lighthearted feeling of escape from the daily grind has evaporated. It’s gone, finished, kaput, shuffled off this mortal coil, now that most of us have landed back in the real world of schedules and deadlines with a resounding thud. Cranking out last minute English essays about fear and loathing… Read more »

The Joy of Hypocrisy

I find making New Year’s resolutions an enjoyable experience. Some of my favourite traditional resolutions are to quit smoking, reduce my cholesterol intake and stick to a proper fitness program. Another good one is not to throw up on my neighbour Cecil Idris Idris Jones’s shoes at the summer block party this year. I always… Read more »

In The Spirit of the Season

Special Alert: I don’t think anyone could really have seen this coming, but apparently Christmas falls on December 25th this year. This means that anybody who’s planning on sending me cash or gifts had better get a move on. But try to remember that this season is, after all, about much more than my own… Read more »

Turn That Smile Upside Down

If California slides into the ocean Like the mystics and statistics say it will I predict this motel will be standing Until I pay my bill — “Desperadoes Under the Eaves,” Warren Zevon Let’s face it, a good chunk of the time life is not exactly tea with the freakin’ Queen. We’ve got war, poverty,… Read more »

Elective Cosmetic Surgery for Fun and Profit

I was reading Nietzsche’s Man and Superman the other day when the doorbell rang. Well, okay, it wasn’t actually Nietzsche (thank God for spell check). It was, let’s say, the latest John Grisham novel. Alright, I was flipping through the lingerie ads in the Sears catalogue—the main point is that the doorbell rang, and I… Read more »

The Joys of Smoking

Small penis? Check. Fishy breath? Check. Receding hairline? Check. Pot belly? Check. Okay, I have all the symptoms of the LeClair family curse. I know I’m one of them, so why do I feel so alienated from my kinfolk? Why do my parents and siblings frequently move without supplying any forwarding address? Why, at family… Read more »

Stump The Mastermind

In what we hope may or may not become a sort of regular feature, possibly appearing periodically from time to time on a monthly or perhaps annual basis, space permitting, but probably not, we are somewhat pleased to present a new column dubiously titled Stump the Mastermind, written by one Busby LeClair. Mr. LeClair, currently… Read more »