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Carla Knipe

Carla was born and raised in the West Kootenay region of BC, and is now settled in Calgary, Alberta following a dozen years living in England. Her British husband and their son keeps her on her toes, but she is currently on the final stretch of completing her BA in English through AU. In her free time, she spends as much time outdoors as she can by hiking, biking, gardening and geocaching.

Besides writing for The Voice, she loves to share her passion for words by being a Little Free Library steward in her community.

Carla’s favourite topics to write about are hobbies, current events and popular culture.

Avoid the Holiday Blues and Save Your Sanity

December brings a particular kind of panic to many people.  Yes, there are the major holidays, which are meant to be a time of happiness and joy, but all too often those feelings are overshadowed by the menu planning, the juggling of schedules around school concerts and other events, and the hard decisions about who… Read more »

Council Connection

The revision of AUSU Bylaws, The Voice, and the finance policies were the main topics covered at AUSU’s latest monthly meeting, held on Tuesday, November 14th. All current AUSU councillors were present at the meeting, except Vice-Present External and Student Affairs Julian Teterenko, due to a personal commitment.  President Shawna Wasylyshyn called the meeting to… Read more »

Dear Facebook

We really need to have a serious chat about our relationship.  I’ve been with you for many years, and though, deep down, I don’t want to give you up, I feel like the spark I first felt for you is no longer there.  What started out as a passionate love affair—a deep infatuation, if you… Read more »

Does Wikipedia Have a Place in Academic Research?

If you are a certain age—before the Internet was a “thing”—you  probably remember reaching for and thumbing through a cumbersome volume of an encyclopedia to help you with an assignment or essay.  During the mid to late 1990s, encyclopedias evolved by appearing on CD-ROM.  Jumping ahead a bit more, traditional printed encyclopedias became a relic… Read more »

The Debate Around Math Education Doesn’t Add Up

The new school year is in full swing and kids are delving into another year of “reading, writing, and ’rithmetic”. But the sense of optimism for a new school year is overshadowed by the growing voice of those who question the quality of children’s education. The K-12 curriculum and the teachers who deliver it are… Read more »

Enjoying the Fruit of my Labour

Thanks to a bumper year for fruit, I was given lots of free crab-apples from neighbours who couldn’t use their entire bounty. My frugal instinct wouldn’t bear to see them go to waste. So, even though I knew taking them would mean a bunch of work for me to do something with them, I accepted… Read more »

A Glimpse into Circus Life

People joke about running away and joining the circus, but what is life on the road really like for circus performers? The Royal Canadian Circus is currently making its way across Canada with its new show SPECTAC. The Circus has received rave reviews from audiences, and there have been many sold-out shows along the tour…. Read more »

Good Bylaws Make Good Neighbours – Or do They?

Summer is when Canadians come out of winter hibernation and enjoy the warm weather. Especially in urban areas, people see their neighbours a lot more. Kids are out riding bikes or playing on the streets and adults are out mowing their lawn or barbecuing on the deck. But does this equate to a sense of… Read more »

Burnout Is Real

Spring is the season when university students push themselves like crazy to finish course work and exams so that they can enjoy the summer. Because Athabasca University students do not follow a traditional course calendar like other universities, they seem to constantly push themselves to their limits. AU students are known for being master multitaskers;… Read more »

Organ Donation is Worth Thinking About

An acquaintance of mine who lives a few streets over recently posted a desperate plea for help on Facebook. Her husband?a Type 1 diabetic for most of his life’suddenly became a statistic. He has suffered severe kidney failure because of his diabetes. The family is now facing a race against time to find a new… Read more »