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Carla Knipe

Carla was born and raised in the West Kootenay region of BC, and is now settled in Calgary, Alberta following a dozen years living in England. Her British husband and their son keeps her on her toes, but she is currently on the final stretch of completing her BA in English through AU. In her free time, she spends as much time outdoors as she can by hiking, biking, gardening and geocaching.

Besides writing for The Voice, she loves to share her passion for words by being a Little Free Library steward in her community.

Carla’s favourite topics to write about are hobbies, current events and popular culture.

Read About AU on Reddit

Have you ever Reddit? If you aren’t even sure what that is, don’t worry. It’s one of the largest social media platforms and websites out there, but it gets pushed behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in popularity, so is often seen as the biggest online media platform that no one has ever heard of. It… Read more »

Inquiry Based Learning – A Big Deal in Education

If you do not have children in school, you may not have known about the latest revolution in how the curriculum is being taught. It is called Inquiry Based Learning, sometimes called Inquiry Based Learning, and it is shaking up how education is delivered?particularly in the K-12 system. So what is it all about? It… Read more »

The AU Budget – Beyond the Numbers

The recent AU budget and the news that AU may be headed toward financial insolvency in the next two years was met with great concern by observers and supporters of the university. But predictions of the demise of AU are not new, and this new revelation was just one in a list of news stories… Read more »

Rethinking the Liberal Arts Degree

Another successful convocation has recently wrapped up at Athabasca University, but there is one debate around obtaining degrees in general that just will not go away. That is, whether there is any value to getting an Arts degree. The general argument is that Arts degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on, or… Read more »

Why I Hate Camping

I am going to say something very un-Canadian, almost on the same level as admitting that I go around kicking beavers or that I don’t eat Timbits because they contain too many calories. But, let me go on record and say that I don’t like camping. As any Canadian knows, vacation season unofficially begins on… Read more »

What Would Dory Do? – Life Lessons From A Forgetful Blue Tang

This past weekend, my family and I watched Finding Dory, the much-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo. Many sequels, especially animated ones, often leave the viewer disappointed, but Finding Dory builds on the plot and characters that were introduced in Finding Nemo. The film is humorous and entertaining, but it leaves the audience with an uplifting… Read more »

Food Waste

Each week, I go through the same ritual: I look in my pantry, fridge and freezer to take stock of what food I have so that I can plan my grocery list and also what meals I will cook. I feel rather smug that I am so organized. But, then there is also a darker… Read more »

Books for the Creative Mind

University students, no matter what degree they are taking, require a healthy dose of creativity. I am not talking about those Arts students (of which I am one) who seek a career with words or music or visual art. Any degree requires a healthy dose of creativity to finish those essays and assignments and complete… Read more »

The Evolution of a (Reluctant) Geek Mom

Once upon a time, being called a “nerd” or “geek” was the epitome of an insult. The image of thick glasses and pocket protectors held fast in pop culture for many years. Admitting to being a fan of shows like Star Trek or playing Dungeons and Dragons opened oneself up to ridicule and shunning. But… Read more »