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His Shirt And Tie

A university instructor, published poet and editor of the Canadian compilation “And I Will Paint The Sky,” Carole has been submitting articles to The Voice since January of 2004. Her work focuses on themes of feminism, bisexuality, aging and empowerment. His Shirt and Tie was first published in The Voice on January 19, 2005. (For… Read more »

On the Matter of Josephine

It was on a Wednesday when we got the news that Josephine had died. We were immediately told where the body was being laid out so we could attend the communal gathering. We were reminded by the school principal that our attendance was mandatory, and so, we, the “outside” teachers of The John C. Yesno… Read more »

All This Poorness

I never wanted to save no one except everybody and then myself when I was stuck behind that thick plastic parents taped over leaky windows in winter to keep expensive heat from spillin’ out. All this poorness in my house and in the old front yard with no grass and the dirt on the bottom… Read more »

Don’t Talk Me Your Talk

Yes, we are all angry about the kind of “democratic” culture that leaves so many of us feeling angry and powerless. Yes, we know what we must do (most of the time, anyway). So we do it. We act. One day we just do it. We get angry and heady and wordy. We write words… Read more »

Holding To Her Artistry – (… for Mother’s day)

This is an unapologetic love song to my mother – artist of all artists – whose blood, sweat, and artistry gave birth to the existence that is me. This is an unapologetic love song to the artist, the woman – the thinking, feeling human being, whose extraordinary courage and vision brought nine children into the… Read more »

Love Me Like That

Don’t stand and wonder about the motivation of me (Why try to make this puzzle fit?). Sigmund Freud has tried (has he not?). And now look at all the trouble this one solitary man has wrought upon the earth! Ten billion of his disciples keep themselves up at nights (did you know this?). They are… Read more »

His Shirt and Tie

(For my father, Hugh Patrick Trainor of Passmore Street) My father is an old man and sometimes the nurses that work to feed him and bathe him now will sit him up in a chair and wrestle with the dead weight of him so they can dress him in a shirt and tie. It was… Read more »

Mothering & Capitalism

The very idea that Capitalism doesn’t work for some groups of law abiding, liberty-loving humans stirs horror in the minds of some — traditionalists, in particular. Nevertheless, Capitalism, (as a way of life) and its economic objectives simply does not serve the lives or the welfare of large segments of our population. Most of us… Read more »