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AU Profiles – Ryan Nabozniak

STUDENT: Ryan Nabozniak Along with the advantages of being an AU learner comes the challenge of getting to know fellow students. In Christina`s insightful profiles, readers get to know the faces behind the names as AU students share their dreams, goals, and advice for success. In this profile, computer science student Ryan Nabozniak shared his… Read more »

‘Tis the Season to be Shopping

I have a long history of being late with Christmas shopping. Well, being late with everything, according to my husband, but late Christmas shopping is where I particularly shine. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more exciting it gets. I can find awesome gifts at the grocery store on December 24?and have a blast… Read more »

AU Profiles – Michelle Bonnier

Michelle Bonnier In this week’s profile, we meet Michelle Bonnier, a student in Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Science (Human Science) program. Michelle, a ?traditional? student age-wise, chose AU because of the focus of its biology program. She discusses the additional benefits She’s discovered in distance education, and tells what She’s using as motivation to keep… Read more »

AU Profiles – Peter Tretter

Peter Tretter This week’s profile focuses on an AU student who hasn’t let his health problems get in the way of earning his degree. Peter Tretter, who is enroled in AU’s Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program, explains how he’s turned his health issues into a studying advantage. He also tells why distance education works… Read more »

AU Profiles – Milca Sheney

Milca Sheney In this week’s profile we meet Milca Sheney, a Bachelor of Arts student living in northern Ontario. In addition to studying, Milca runs a home business and cares full-time for her 21-month-old daughter. She shares how planning and prioritizing allow her to manage her studies, family needs, and business contracts, while still leaving… Read more »

AU Profiles – Katie Patrick

Katie Patrick In this week’s profile we meet Katie Patrick, a 2005 graduate of AU’s Bachelor of Science program. Katie, who is currently studying naturopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, tells how her goal of becoming a naturopathic doctor kept her focused while working on her bachelor’s degree. She… Read more »

AU Profiles – Patricia Presti

STUDENT: Patricia Presti This week we focus on Patricia Presti, a recent graduate of Athabasca University’s Master of Distance Education (MDE) program. She explains how online resources can help distance students have a better educational experience than at a traditional university, what topics MDE students study, and how the face of distance education is changing…. Read more »

AU Profiles – Sharon Holtz

STUDENT: Sharon Holtz In this week’s profile we introduce Sharon Holtz, a BSc student living in Edmonton, Alberta. She shares how teaching her children helps her study (and puts them ahead of the curve!), offers encouragement to students experiencing difficulties, and tells how her own struggles and setbacks have made her all the more determined… Read more »

AU Profiles – Ryan Nabozniak

STUDENT: Ryan Nabozniak In this week’s profile, we chat with Ryan Nabozniak, a computer science student who has nearly finished his degree. During his time as an Athabasca student, Ryan has seen many ups and downs, but has stuck to his goals. He weighs in on the importance of networking, discusses some of the unique… Read more »

AU Profiles – Randall Sawka

STUDENT: Randall Sawka In this week’s profile, we meet Athabasca University graduate Randall Sawka, a freelance writer who has just published a thriller novel. He chats about the self-publishing business, how Athabasca University has helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a writer, and just what to do about writer’s block. Randall and his wife… Read more »