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AU Profiles – Elizabeth Cousar

STUDENT: Elizabeth Cousar Elizabeth Cousar, a student in AU’s Bachelor of Professional Arts-Communications program since April 2004, is enthusiastic about how Athabasca University is helping her to accomplish her goals. In our interview, she chatted about why distance education works for her, how to manage school, family, volunteer work, and a full-time job, and the… Read more »

AU Profiles – Linda Philbric

STUDENT: Linda Philbric Athabasca University (AU) is home to an incredibly diverse group of students, alumni, professors, and tutors, each with a fascinating story. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Linda Philbric, an emergency room (ER) nurse and a recent graduate of AU’s Bachelor of Nursing (BN) program. We chatted about distance… Read more »

Working in a Workout

Forget couch potatoes. The life of the typical university student is just as inactive. Readings, assignments, and essays take up so much of your time that exercising barely seems an option. And if you work an office job during the day and come home to studying at night, you have no choice but to spend… Read more »

Conquering the Call of the Kitchen

Becoming a student can significantly affect your lifestyle in more ways than one. You have probably heard of the “freshman 15.” This term refers to the legendary 15 pounds that first-year university students often gain due to the change in environment and, consequently, in eating habits. For many distance students, whether first-year or not, the… Read more »