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Cindy Sternberg

I am a 49 year old grandmother with a rich history of life and all its trials and tribulation. I draw from my own experience and that of others to create stories in non-fiction and fiction, seeking aspects many overlook. I have been so buffeted about by my own life, such that others can enjoy the read.
When I am not buried in books, I’m fingers to the keys to put letters to words, words to sentence, watching the images in my mind lay on the page as they were meant to be.
My schooling is done online, but make no mistake, online learning is as much or more difficult than learning in a brick and mortar building. I selected English, progressing to the writing portion of an Undergrad degree.

Help is Out There

Anxiety affects every facet of a student’s life, and stress is a significant roadblock to our success. There are deadlines and coursework in multiple courses, exams looming, home-life, and expenses and responsibilities to consider. Taken all in one day, we can burden ourselves into a massive anxiety attack. This attack can take hours to resolve,… Read more »

The Long Term

I am a chronic pain suffering student.  A little backgrounder takes me back to 2015.  I’m at work, cleaning coffee pots at McDonald’s while running the night shift.  I am cautious about where I stand, the sink leaks.  I asked the boss for the parts to fix it, I’d even do it myself.  They knew… Read more »