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Corey Wren

My name is Corey, I’m a student in Business Management. Before coming to AU I worked in the food industry. I graduated from NAIT’s Culinary Art’s program in 2007 with a diploma in cooking. I have my journeyman certificate, Red Seal, and Blue Seal. I have worked in restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and coffee shops. These days I’m a stay at home parent to three kids, 10-year-old twins and a 6-year-old. My wife works as an RN and program manager at the Stollery Hospital.


We got Mocha when she was between 6-8 weeks old.  She was born on February 9, and our neighbours at the time got her from a breeder.  They also had a toddler and found it challenging to have both.  I don’t blame them; it absolutely was difficult. At the time, we had another dog, Sammy. … Read more »

Homemade is Better—Leftovers!

If you have children, this may sound familiar: “What’s for dinner?” “Leftovers.” “Gross!  No WAY!” And that’s when the fight starts.  I can relate to that feeling of despair when you look in the fridge and realize you forgot to get groceries for the meal you had planned because either a) you were working all… Read more »

Academics versus AU

It seems like some friction is brewing between the university’s faculty union and the administration office.  In the last few weeks and months, Dr. Fassina and his department have been working on a review of their policy for Academic Staff.  Curious to find out more, I reached out to a source in the academic department… Read more »